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Ohio State qb celebrates new coach with a new ride

May 31, 2011


Talk about no shame. According to reports, Ohio State University quarterback Terrelle Pryor showed up at the team meeting to announce the resignation of football coach Jim Tressell in a BRAND NEW CAR. (a Nissan 350z.) That’s supremely ironic since Tressel was forced to resign mainly over all the free crap Pryor got at Ohio State and his lying to the NCAA about it.

The Columbus Dispatch has already pointed out that Pryor has already been associated with at least eight cars during his time at Ohio State. Although Pryor has already been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for receiving “impermissable benefits,” free cars are apparently ok with the NCAA. Believe it or not, the NCAA has already investigated Pryor over his fleet of vehicles and CLEARED him. This despite the fact that the quarterback has been pulled over by police on at least three occassions in three different cars. A car dealer that has two dozen Ohio State football player jerseys hanging in its showroom “lent” Pryor several cars.

The Columbus paper says the NCAA has launched a new investigation into Pryor. Others say he will never take another snap for the Buckeyes.


Sarah Palin referred to as “wily”

May 31, 2011


We already knew Sarah Palin looks good in leather. Now, it turns out she’s a political genius.

While pundits continue to wonder whether or not the former Alaska-governor-turned-reality-tv-star is going to run for president in 2012, Palin shrewdly launched a national bus tour in conjunction with her potential campaign in front of 500,000 new fans. Granted, most of them had tattoos.

Palin made a Memorial Day appearance at the annual “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle rally in Washington D.C. Palin drew raves from the veterans riding in the event who referred to her as a “real American.” Rolling Thunder holds the rally every year to honor POWs and those soldiers Missing in Action. The event is billed as “non-partisan.”

Organizers of the event tried to downplay Palin’s appearance with no luck. One Rolling Thunder founder talked about how the bikers’ security team was ordered not to let Palin speak on microphone. No luck. He then complimented Palin for being “wily” and getting past his security team.

Update: Tupac is still dead

May 30, 2011



The PBS website was hacked Sunday night and a fake news story about rapper Tupac Shakur being found alive and living in New Zealand was posted. Tupac died15 years ago.

Coach sweater vest resigns!

May 30, 2011

Jim Tressel's resignation comes two weeks after Ohio State Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith offered support for his head coach.


Various media sources including The Sporting News and local Columbus tv stations are reporting that embattled Ohio State football coach jim Tressel has resigned. Tressel was caught lying to the NCAA and has been ensnared in a cheating and paying players scandal for the last five months.

Epic Indy 500 choke job

May 29, 2011


Watch rookie driver JR Hildebrand pull one of the biggest choke jobs in sports history as he inexplicably hits the wall in the final turn of the Indianapolis 500. Hildebrand was leading the race before the crackup.

Worse, Hildebrand was driiving the National Guard car. On Memorial Day. Ouch!


Andrew Breitbart loves the penis

May 29, 2011



Crusading right-wing “journalist” Andrew Breitbart of the website claims he has just busted one of the nation’s top liberal (married) politicians in a quasi-sexting Twitter scandal. Either that or he just turned his website operation into a giant dick joke.

In what he’s calling “Weinergate,” Breitbart posted a photo from New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account.The picture is of someone from the waist down and shows a penis bulging beneath somebody’s underwear. The Tweet was sent to a woman (shown HERE) in Seattle.

For his part, Weiner says his Twitter account was hacked and that it was the hackers who sent the lewd picture. There is no way to tell if the offending underwear in the photo was Weiner’s.

Numerous media outlets have jumped on the “hacked or hung” story. Those include heavyweights like The American Spectator, Politico, Mediaite and the New York Post. The Post cheerfully ran a picture of Weiner (with his pants on) standing next to his wife, who works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

HOUSE 'MEMBER': Rep. Anthony Weiner, married to Huma Abedin, denies posting the crotch photo that showed up on his Twitter account Friday.

Weiner is one of the left’s most popular political figures. He is known for his media appearances not just on political networks but shows on Comedy Central as well. Weiner was comedian Jon Stewart’s college roommate.

74-year-old competitive female body builder Ernestine Shepherd

May 29, 2011




Actor rules UFC 130 – Fat Guys? Not so much

May 29, 2011


Most people know Quinton “Rampage” Jackson these days as B.A. Baracus from the movie “The A-Team.” Saturday night in Las Vegas, Jackson proved he’s still a force in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Jackson scored a unanimous decision over Matt Hamill.

Although he easily controlled the fight, the MGM Grand crowd booed Jackson over what they percived as a lackluster performance. Now that he’s an entertainer, fans may have been expecting more. Jackson defended himself by pointing out that he entered the fight with a broken hand. That, he says, was the real reason there was no knockout of Hamill.

Also victorious Saturday was former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. He beat the fat, yet popular, Roy Nelson. Most fans remember Nelson as the winner of Season 10 of the UFC reality tv show “The Ultimate Fighter.” That was the most-watched season of the popular UFC-based show, mainly because of the appearance of novelty act Kimbo Slice. Nelson easily defeated Slice in that series. Saturday, Nelson was no match for Mir. Although, in fairness, Mir wasn’t exactly looking svelte himself.

Other UFC 130 winners included Travis Browne, Rick Story, Brian Stann and Demetrious Johnson.


Tiki Barber now hated by Jews as well as women

May 28, 2011

Good news for former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber. People will finally be talking about him regarding something besides his dumping his pregnant wife to run off with a 23-year-old hottie intern. Bad news for Tiki Barber. Folks will be now be talking about how he just compared himself to Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

In a Sports Illustrated article this week, Barber tried to make a joke about he and his girlfriend being so down-and-out that they had to move into his agent’s attic. Barber said that since his agent is Jewish it was “a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

The outrage was instantaneous. A New York Post headline called Barber “despicable.” Barber also became the first NFL player in memory to be the subject of a formal Anti-Defamation League statement. Ironically, did the S.I. interview to garner favorable press for a proposed NFL comeback.

The author of the S.I. piece put it best writing that Barber, “has the wit and smarts to make an Anne Frank allusion and the artlessness to liken himself-an aldulterer trying to elude gossip columnists-to a Holocaust victim.”

The assassination of Michael Jordan’s character by the coward Scottie Pippen

May 28, 2011


Scottie Pippen should die of shame. Unfortunately, since he’s already beat women, commited crimes (repeatedly) and been the most gutless quitter in basketball history with no remorse, there’s little chance of that.

Friday, Pippen said in an ESPN Radio interview that 0-time NBA champion LeBron James was be a better all-around player than his former teammate, Michael Jordan. You know, the SIX-time champion. The greatest basketball player who ever live. The guy who was named the greatest athlete in American (world) history.

The exact phrase Pippen used was, “LeBron James is probably the greatest player to ever play the game.” This is after James and the Miami Heat eliminated HIS Bulls to advance to the NBA Finals.

What a joke! Jordan won all six of those NBA titles. Pippen was an accident of history who was merely along for the ride. While Jordan won six NBA Finals MVP awards, Pippen never even received a single MVP vote. Not even in 1991 when he had his best series against the Lakers.

Pippen’s backstabbing of Jordan was greeted with universal outrage and scorn in the city of Chicago. Hell, around the world. To compound the indignity, Pippen originally Tweeted how he stood behind is statement. However, as the day progressed, Pippen continued to shrink and back away from his Jordan-bashing comments. Typical Pippen. Folding like a paper napkin under pressure.

What an ungreatful dick. Jordan made Pippen everything he is today. Maybe that’s the problem. Pippen is an overrated, flat broke, woman-beating coward whose actions “stink of an MJ complex.”

How wrong was Pippen in his assessment? Here’s an informal sample, Darren Rovell of CNBC ran a Twitter poll on the Jordan/James debate in which %94.6 of voters picked Jordan.