Late Killebrew claimed to be MLB version of “The Logo”

Former Minnesota Twins slugger died Tuesday. He was 74.

As he lived out his final days in hospice care while suffering from terminal esophageal cancer, Killebrew made a startling revelation this week. Killebrew claimed that he (like his NBA counterpart Jerry West) is Mr. Logo.

Killebrew said upon visiting the commissioner’s office in the 1960’s, that he met a graphic artist who was working on the new baseball logo for MLB. Killebrew says the artist was using HIS likeness to design the new logo. ESPN Page 2 ran a story backing Killebrew’s version of the logo-drawing events but there remain Joe Torre logo proponents among others.

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One Response to “Late Killebrew claimed to be MLB version of “The Logo””

  1. Jack Bond Says:

    The logo is obviously NOT Joe Torre. Joe Torre held his head at more of an angle, Killebrew held his head straighter, and Torre had much broader shoulders, Killebrew was more compact, by comparison, this isn’t even close.

    Joe Torre proponents are obviously blind, and quite possibly stupid.

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