Tiki Barber now hated by Jews as well as women

Good news for former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber. People will finally be talking about him regarding something besides his dumping his pregnant wife to run off with a 23-year-old hottie intern. Bad news for Tiki Barber. Folks will be now be talking about how he just compared himself to Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

In a Sports Illustrated article this week, Barber tried to make a joke about he and his girlfriend being so down-and-out that they had to move into his agent’s attic. Barber said that since his agent is Jewish it was “a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

The outrage was instantaneous. A New York Post headline called Barber “despicable.” Barber also became the first NFL player in memory to be the subject of a formal Anti-Defamation League statement. Ironically, did the S.I. interview to garner favorable press for a proposed NFL comeback.

The author of the S.I. piece put it best writing that Barber, “has the wit and smarts to make an Anne Frank allusion and the artlessness to liken himself-an aldulterer trying to elude gossip columnists-to a Holocaust victim.”


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