Andrew Breitbart loves the penis



Crusading right-wing “journalist” Andrew Breitbart of the website claims he has just busted one of the nation’s top liberal (married) politicians in a quasi-sexting Twitter scandal. Either that or he just turned his website operation into a giant dick joke.

In what he’s calling “Weinergate,” Breitbart posted a photo from New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account.The picture is of someone from the waist down and shows a penis bulging beneath somebody’s underwear. The Tweet was sent to a woman (shown HERE) in Seattle.

For his part, Weiner says his Twitter account was hacked and that it was the hackers who sent the lewd picture. There is no way to tell if the offending underwear in the photo was Weiner’s.

Numerous media outlets have jumped on the “hacked or hung” story. Those include heavyweights like The American Spectator, Politico, Mediaite and the New York Post. The Post cheerfully ran a picture of Weiner (with his pants on) standing next to his wife, who works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

HOUSE 'MEMBER': Rep. Anthony Weiner, married to Huma Abedin, denies posting the crotch photo that showed up on his Twitter account Friday.

Weiner is one of the left’s most popular political figures. He is known for his media appearances not just on political networks but shows on Comedy Central as well. Weiner was comedian Jon Stewart’s college roommate.

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