Ohio State qb celebrates new coach with a new ride


Talk about no shame. According to reports, Ohio State University quarterback Terrelle Pryor showed up at the team meeting to announce the resignation of football coach Jim Tressell in a BRAND NEW CAR. (a Nissan 350z.) That’s supremely ironic since Tressel was forced to resign mainly over all the free crap Pryor got at Ohio State and his lying to the NCAA about it.

The Columbus Dispatch has already pointed out that Pryor has already been associated with at least eight cars during his time at Ohio State. Although Pryor has already been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for receiving “impermissable benefits,” free cars are apparently ok with the NCAA. Believe it or not, the NCAA has already investigated Pryor over his fleet of vehicles and CLEARED him. This despite the fact that the quarterback has been pulled over by police on at least three occassions in three different cars. A car dealer that has two dozen Ohio State football player jerseys hanging in its showroom “lent” Pryor several cars.

The Columbus paper says the NCAA has launched a new investigation into Pryor. Others say he will never take another snap for the Buckeyes.


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One Response to “Ohio State qb celebrates new coach with a new ride”

  1. Home Inspector Training Says:

    It can’t be help that you may lose anyone you had been a long time friend/coach. The team must move on and focus for their goal. Team must not stop on keep moving because 1 comrade is lost.

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