Sarah Palin referred to as “wily”


We already knew Sarah Palin looks good in leather. Now, it turns out she’s a political genius.

While pundits continue to wonder whether or not the former Alaska-governor-turned-reality-tv-star is going to run for president in 2012, Palin shrewdly launched a national bus tour in conjunction with her potential campaign in front of 500,000 new fans. Granted, most of them had tattoos.

Palin made a Memorial Day appearance at the annual “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle rally in Washington D.C. Palin drew raves from the veterans riding in the event who referred to her as a “real American.” Rolling Thunder holds the rally every year to honor POWs and those soldiers Missing in Action. The event is billed as “non-partisan.”

Organizers of the event tried to downplay Palin’s appearance with no luck. One Rolling Thunder founder talked about how the bikers’ security team was ordered not to let Palin speak on microphone. No luck. He then complimented Palin for being “wily” and getting past his security team.

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