Weiner confesses!

Here’s some unsolicited career advice for now disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner: If you’re a such a disgrace that you make drunken slanderer Andrew Breitbart a hero you need to resign and quit your job.

Today, Weiner admitted it was indeed a photo of his underwear-clad penis sent on a Tweet to a college girl in Seattle. He also admitted he was the one who sent the photo and his Twitter account was NOT hacked as he had previously claimed. Weiner made his tearful confession at a press conference after Breitbart’s website Biggovernment.com published another compromising photo of Weiner. THIS photo:

Photo Posted On BigGovernment.com Of Shirtless Rep. Anthony Weiner (credit: Biggovernment.com)

This followed the previous Breitbart post of Weiner’s weiner.

Weiner admitted Monday that he sent lewd photos in various forms of undress to at least six girls over the last three year. At least some of the photos were sent AFTER he was married. He also admitted to sending sexually graphic Tweets and Facebook messages and apparently having phone and cybersex.

So far, Weiner has proclaimed he will not resign.

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