LeBron James making run at title “Most Despised Athlete in World History”


It’s bad enough that LeBron James has gone from The Chosen One to the most certified choke artist in sports history. That’s hardly surprising considering his continuous and endless string of tank job performances in The NBA Finals. Particularly, in the fourth quarter. However, now, unbelievably, James is turning more and more unlikeable. As even comedians like Stephen Colbert have pointed out, nobody roots for the “overdog” any more.

At the Game Six postgame press conference on Sunday, James was asked if it bothered him that so many people hated his guts. James, who had just virtually singlehandedly choked away an NBA Championship, had an interesting response. He answered the question by blasting everybody who makes less money than him which, of course, would be 99.99999999999999999 percent of the human race.

 LeBron chided the haters by pointing out that, although he doesn’t have a ring, when he wakes up tomorrow he’ll still be living the good life. Meanwhile, his brokeass critics will still be living their shitty little lives and be in the “real world.”

Watch the video below and prepare to be appalled.


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