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Moneyball trailer

June 17, 2011


Lastest Weiner fiasco: Photo released of Congressman dressing in womens lingerie

June 16, 2011

Somebody snaps picture of Mark Cuban taking a leak while holding NBA Championship trophy

June 15, 2011

Republicans in California run most offensive political ad ever

June 15, 2011


LeBron James making run at title “Most Despised Athlete in World History”

June 14, 2011


It’s bad enough that LeBron James has gone from The Chosen One to the most certified choke artist in sports history. That’s hardly surprising considering his continuous and endless string of tank job performances in The NBA Finals. Particularly, in the fourth quarter. However, now, unbelievably, James is turning more and more unlikeable. As even comedians like Stephen Colbert have pointed out, nobody roots for the “overdog” any more.

At the Game Six postgame press conference on Sunday, James was asked if it bothered him that so many people hated his guts. James, who had just virtually singlehandedly choked away an NBA Championship, had an interesting response. He answered the question by blasting everybody who makes less money than him which, of course, would be 99.99999999999999999 percent of the human race.

 LeBron chided the haters by pointing out that, although he doesn’t have a ring, when he wakes up tomorrow he’ll still be living the good life. Meanwhile, his brokeass critics will still be living their shitty little lives and be in the “real world.”

Watch the video below and prepare to be appalled.


First pictures of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords since her shooting released

June 12, 2011

Photo of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords - seen here with unidentified woman - taken at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital, the day after the launch of Endeavour.

“Chugging 40’s” Fox News dude continues to prove he’s a flat out racist douche

June 12, 2011

Fox News host Eric Bolling is undoubtedly the biggest racist on television and he’s not even trying to hide it. Last month Bolling accused President Obama of “chugging 40’s.” Now, Bolling has taken his Fox race baiting to a new level.

On the Friday edition of “Follow the Money.” Bolling repeatedly talked about “hoodlums in the hizzouse” and “hoodlums in the hizzie.” Bolling went on and on about the “hoods” Obama was letting in the White House while Fox left up the graphic “Hoods in the House.” Bolling compared the rapper Common with an African dictator from Gabon because… well, you know…they’re both one of THOSE PEOPLE. Here’s how long Fox News let up the “Hoods in the House” graphic on Bolling’s show:

If you don’t think that Bolling is a racist then why do you think that there is an entire Facebook site entitled “Eric Bolling is a Racist Douchebag” ? had the best headline/summary of Bolling’s actions when they posted: “Fox News does something blatantly racist, will face no consequences.”

Weiner Rehab

June 12, 2011


In a “shocking development,” sex crazed Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York suddenly did an about face and decided to take a “temporary leave” from his seat in Congress. Weiner is off to rehab to “focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person” according to a spokesperson.

The announcement came just hours after Weiner once again angrily told reporters he would not resign but following calls by both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz for him to step down.

In another development, Delaware law enforcement authorities questioned an under-age 17-year-old girl about texts she received from Weiner. Meanwhile, a shirtless man wielding an axe confronted a Fox News tv crew and other reporters in front of the girl’s house.


eHarmony’s Crazy Cat Lady

June 11, 2011


Money Player

June 10, 2011


As a high school running back last season, Mike Bellamy put up HUGE numbers. Bellamy rushed for over 2,400 yards and averaged 10.1 yards-per-carry. He scored 41 touchdowns.

However, it’s a different number that has Bellamy in trouble before he’s even played his first game of college football at Clemson. Two. That’s the number of pictures Bellamy put on his Facebook page of himself engulfed in $100 bills.

Clemson made Bellamy remove the pics. The school’s recruits-posing-with-money social networking problems go all the way back to the MySpace days. In 2008, a Clemson recruit named Ken Page literally photographed himself holding a bag of money.