End of the baseball world? Pittsburgh Pirates in first place

As of Monday, the Pitsburgh Pirates are in first place in the National League Central Division. How unlikely is that? Well, the Pirates have not made the playoffs since 1992. That was 19 years ago. It was the year Bill Clinton was first elected president. Boys II Men was the world’s top musical act. George Michael, Vanessa Williams, Right Said Fred and Billy Ray Cyrus were at the top of the charts. Bohemian Rapsody by Queen was a Top-40 hit. In 1992 Marlene Dietrich and Lawrence Welk were still alive.

The Pirates are 50-44. That’s just seven less wins than the team had all of last season and it’s one week past the All-Star break. The Pirates have overturned more than half the players on its 25-man roster and the team had three members of the National League All-Star team (outfielder Andrew McCutchen and pitchers Kevin Correia and Joel Hanrahan.) Three All-Stars is the most Pittsburgh has had since 1990 when Bobby Bonds and Bobby Bonilla were with the club, 22 seasons ago.

It’s amazing to note that this is the first time since 20 seasons ago that the Pittsburgh has even been a contender, let alone a legitimate playoff team. The Pirates have been so bad that they haven’t spent a single day over .500 after the All-Star break since 1992. They’ve had 18 straight losing seasons. They’ve also had 10 seasons of finishing dead last in their division. This makes the Pittsburgh Pirates the losingest team in American sports history.


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