Jayson Werth is the new Dave Valle


How bad of a season is right fielder Jayson Werth having for the Washington Nationals? So bad that beer may only cost $2.11 in D.C.

A bar called Duffy’s Irish Pub is planning to drop the price of certain draft beers to match Werth’s current batting average. Werth is hitting a measley .211 right now. Duffy’s stole the idea for the batting average/beer price promotion from a Seattle bar in Pioneer Square called FX McRory’s. Back in the ’90s, FX McRory’s used to price their beer according to then catcher Dave Valle’s batting average. Beer was under $2 for most of the season.

The Nationals signed Werth to a 7-year $ 126 million contract this offseason following his All-Star and World Championship stint with the Philadelphia Phillies. Not only did Werth receive a $4 million signing bonus and a $10 million salary this season, but he will receive a $21 million salary in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

The Nationals are already admitting the Werth signing was a mistake.

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