Amy Winehouse dead


Singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment according to and several other sources.

Winehouse had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. This very blog has been guilty of exploiting Winehouse’s substance abuse problems as a source of humor and derision. Winehouse’s life was such a trainwreck that we used to do a feature called the “Daily Amy” where we chronicled the singer’s life. These included stories of her punching concert goers, slurring through racist diatribes after smoking crack, being photographed smoking while being hospitalized for emphysema, shopping for liquor and being caught on tape using heroin,

At first, Winehouse’s drunken, drug-addled behavior was funny. There was the time she was photographed doing shots while babysitting:

And the time she was so wasted that a British tabloid photographed her walking into a post:

Or the time that the paparazzi shot a picture of Winehouse wearing an ADULT DIAPER as she prepared for a night of partying and soiling herself (at the age of 23):

However, Winehouse’s behavior soon became so troublesome and her self destructive death was so inevitable that even we came up with a self-imposed embargo to no longer blog about her pathetic antics. In fact, in a post entitled “Our Last Ever Post on Amy Winehouse,” we wrote that she was a “sad, doomed, pathetic human being” before adding, “She will be dead very soon.” Winehouse managed to live another three plus years after that post.

Amy Winehouse was a very talented and gifted musician. Another artist wiped out by addiction. Ironically, she died at the age of 27. That’s the identical age that Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain and Janice Joplin died at.




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One Response to “Amy Winehouse dead”

  1. Swale Says:

    Nice. Did you think mabe the “diaper” was for her period?! Nice way to trash a dead person.

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