Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s toughest opponent: 80-year-old Larry Merchant

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an ass clown. After spending his entire career ducking quality fighters in general, and Manny Pacquiao in particular, the boxer finally found someone he was comfortable taking on. HBO’s 80-year-old boxing announcer, Larry Merchant.


Mayweather Jr. won Saturday night’s controversial fight against Victor Ortiz with an amazingly cheap (but arguably legal) shot. The fight was stopped in the 4th round following a head butt by Ortiz. After the stoppage, Ortiz came up to apologize to Mayweather, literally hugging and kissing him. After the bell rang to resume action, Ortiz tried to hug Mayweather Jr. again. He responded by knocking Ortiz’s ass out. The shot came so quickly that the referee wasn’t even looking. He literally never saw the shot that knocked Ortiz out. It was one of the most controversial ending to a major fight in years.

In the post-fight interview, Merchant asks Mayweather Jr. about the controversial ending. Mayweather rightly points out that fighters need to be ready “at all times.” Besides, the fight was only stopped because of poor sportsmanship by Ortiz. Mayweather then abruptly breaks off the interview telling Merchant, “You never give me a fair shake.”

The interview digresses from there with Mayweather Jr. screaming that HBO should fire Merchant. It climaxes with Merchant yelling, “If I was 50 years younger I’d kick your ass!”



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