Yikes! Four words: “Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction”

What a revolting development on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” TV talk show harpy Nancy Grace’s boobs popped out after one of her routines. Ahhhhhh!

The show managed to edit out most of the damage but got in a snide comment of, “On the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

There’s only one way this could have been worse:


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One Response to “Yikes! Four words: “Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction””

  1. JP Hunter Says:

    Nancy is just a sleezy loud mouthed pig, it’s not like a real human getting naked on television, it’s just really, really gross. The fat little piggy legs in high heels was for sure funny trying to dance, the gross little pig showing her breasts shows what we all know, white trash!

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