Florida Republican wants the “job creators” to bring back dwarf tossing

Oh, those onerous government regulations!

Tyranny, I say! Thanks to freedom-hating government facists, little people in the state of Florida have been deprived of their Constitutional right to earn a living in “dwarf tossing” contests. The state of Florida actually passed a law banning dwarf tossing back in the’80s. However, Republican state legislator Ritch Workman is about to change all that. Workman has actually introduced a bill to re-legalize dwarf tossing in the state of Florida. Seriously. Take that, you Maoist government officials!

Naturally, although he claims not to be anti-midget, Workman claims that when dwarf tossing is outlawed only outlaws will have dwarves. Or something like that. Workman claims,

“All that does is prevent some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get. This is an example of Big Brother government.”

Perhaps BIG brother is a poor choice of words, but you get Workman’s point. He called the anti-dwarf tossing law a burden “on the freedom and liberties of people.” And a job killer.

Why isn't this an Olympic sport already?

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