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Interview with Herman Cain’s alleged mistress

November 29, 2011



Former Congressman Anthony Weiner now looks like a homeless guy

November 28, 2011

We now have a defining image of the Norv Turner era

November 28, 2011

Yesterday, the San Diego Chargers lost their sixth game in a row,victims of yet anothe Christ-like comeback by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

As the Chargers drove down the field in overtime, CBS cameras focused on kicker Nick Novak warming up on the sidelines. However, kicking wasn’t the only thing Novak was doing. He was also caught peeing on the sidelines.

Novak’s urinating was not only captured on tape but was then blown up by multiple sports blogs on the Internet,¬†and confirmed by NBC insider Mike Florio.


Greatest old guy fight ever

November 27, 2011

Former NFL and CFL quarterback Joe Kapp is 73 years old. However, that didn’t stop him from getting into a brawl (with a cane no less) at a banquet honoring the 1963 Grey Cup.

Kapp, who played for the B.C. Lions, went after a former Hamilton Tiger Cats player when he tried giving Anegelo Mosca a boquet of flowers as a “peace offering.” Mosca’s response: “Shove it up your ass!”

It’s on! Old guy fight ensues. The best part is when Mosca strikes Kapp repeatedly with his cane.


Another Oscar De La Hoya-in-womens-underwear lawsuit

November 22, 2011

Former boxer Oscar De La Hoya has already come clean and admitted to drug and alcohol addiction.

Now, a former Maxim and Playboy model is accusing De La Hoya of sticking her with a hotel bill following an evening of kinky sex and cocaine use. Angelica Marie Cecora says De La Hoya “went crazy” with cocaine and sex toys during a “drug-fueled sex party” at an expensive NewYork hotel with her and her hot Russian roommate.

Page Six of the New York Post has the awesome details of De La Hoya begging the woman to insert cocaine up his butt in a piece entitled, “Nose not enough for Oscar.” The model also details Oscar’s fetish for trying on her panties and skirt.

Tebowing for Dummies

November 16, 2011


“600 Pounds of Ugly” hits Vegas

November 4, 2011

600 Pounds of Ugly

Following yesterday’s stellar program from “First” at the Venetian, the radio show “600 Pounds of Ugly” is broadcasting live today from Ellis Island Casino and Brewery in Las Vegas. Nick The Intern reviews In-N-Out burger and the Double Down Saloon.

Join us as we do a live show from 10am-noon Pacific time. Oh yeah, FREE BEER if you join us at Ellis Island.

Video released of rebels sodomizing Gaddafi with a stick

November 4, 2011