Yankees GM sex/blackmail scandal

Mrs. Brian Cashman is out at home. What is it with New York baseball general managers?

After Steve Phillips basically scandalized himself out of his job as Mets GM and his ESPN gig, current Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has involved himself in a blackmail/sex scandal.  

You know Cashman must have been doing some pretty heinous shit if the New York Post devoted its entire front cover to his affairs Saturday even with the city’s team scheduled to play in the Super Bowl TOMMOROW. The Post has an “exclusive” detailing how and why Cashman’s wife has filed for divorce.

Details of Cashman’s affairs have slowly dripped out all week after Deadspin.com ran a post where they interviewed his latest mistress, Louise Neathway. Deadspin even posted audio of that interview. Among the highlights: a spurned Neathway literally starts the interview by saying,”Fuck him.” Neathway also allowed Deadspin to photograph Cashman’s black pajama bottoms and orange toothbrush he used when he spent nights with her.  

Deadspin sleazemerchant A.J.Daulerio cleverly titled his article on the Neathway/Casman affair, “Dear Brian Cashman, I am wearing your pajama pants in your mistress’s living room.”

Daulerio is the guy responsible for posting photos of Brett Favre’s penis. He used those journalistic chops to secure his current job as editor of Gawker.com. Daulerio had also previously run intimate photos of Cashman with his rookie mistress, a married woman named Kimberly Brennan. Deadspin titled that article “Brian’s Dong.”

Meanwhile, Neathway called Cashman wife on Wednesday and told her all the filthy details of what she has been doing with her husband. Neathway was actually arrested the next day and charged with grand larceny, harassment and stalking. Cashman went to authories and told them Neathway was trying to extort money from him. He claimed she had been threatening to go public with details of their affair and damage his reputation unless he coughed up $15,000. A broke Neathway couldn’t make bail and is curently in jail on Riker’s Island.

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