Jeremy Lin inspires Knicks and worst NBA nickname of all time

What a story! What a run!

In one of the most amazing NBA stories ever, newly minted New York Knicks legend/point guard Jeremy Lin BLEW UP Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. Lin dropped 38 points on LA, added 7 assists, shot great from outside and made all of his New York teammates better with his play in a 92-85 victory.

Just a week ago, Lin was an anonymous, journeyman, fourth-string guard who was sleeping on his brother’s couch and in danger of being cut by his fourth NBA team in a year. Not any more!

Starting last Saturday, the Asian, Ivy League graduate Lin has scored 25, 28, 23 and now a career-high 38 points. All Knicks wins. Friday night’s game had “an NBA Finals atmosphere.” Frenzied fans at Madison Square Garden repeatedly chanted, “MVP, MVP!” every time Lin touched the ball.

Before Lin’s amazing run, the Knicks had a pathetic 8-15 record and all of the talk was about the possible firing of coach Mike D’Antoni. Now the talk is all Jeremy Lin all the time.

Finally, how horrible must astronomically priced, underachieving free agent “superstars” Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire feel. The Knicks completely sucked with the pair and their combined $165 million plus contracts. Now, they’ve won four in a row without either led by the minimum-salaried Jeremy Lin. Go Linsanity!

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