College star cut in Europe for taking penis enlargement pills

Roburt Sallie

During this time of year you may remember former University of Memphis star Roburt Sallie. If you’re a March Madness fan, you’ll recall Sallie had a huge game in the NCAA college basketball tournament a couple years back when he hit a bunch of three point shots and scored 35 points in onegame early in the tournament.

If you remember Sallie at all it’s probably for his March Madness heroics. It’s the main reason he’s remembered at all. UNTIL NOW.

Sallie was recently cut by the European League team he was playing for in Spain. Ordinarily, not a huge story until you find out that the reason Sallie was released was for taking penis enlargement pills.

Sallie was apparently gobbling up ExtetenZe tablets like Chiclets. ExtenZe you’ll recall is the herbal penis enlargement pill that was endorsed by former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson in a series of tv and radio commercials a couple of years ago. Sallie apparently never told his ballclub he was taking the ExtenZe and not wanting a positive drug test over higher testosterone rates, Sallie’s team cut him.

A number of blogs are absolutely killing Sallie over the story including Larry Brown Sports and Draft Express.

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