Yes! Acquitted (by technicality) PED user Ryan Braun addresses the herpes rumors

At today’s completely indignant press conference, a defiant and condescending Ryan Braun lashed out at Major League Baseball for their idiotic drug testing chain of custody policies.

You’ll recall that just days after being named the National League MVP it was reported that Braun faced a possible 50 games suspension for a positive PED/steroid test. Braun denied ever taking performance enhancing drugs and immediately appealed his positive drug test.

An MLB arbitor overturned Braun’s suspension yesterday. The suspension was overturned primarily because rather than sealing Braun’s urine test and immediately mailing it off to the lab, the official MLB drug tester took the piss home with him for the weekend and stuck it in the fridge. Seriously!

However, one of the most interesting aspects of the story is at today’s press conference Braun INSISTED to address the Ryan-Braun-has-herpes rumors that have been circling the Internet. Yes, Braun himself made it a point to say he’s never had an STD. On record in front of a bank of microphones.

See for yourself. It’s at the 3:48 mark of this tape:



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