Beckett to Red Sox teammates: Stop Snitching

Do you know what the problem is with America today? There’s NO SHAME.

For instance, Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett should die of shame. The fat, chicken-eating drunken choker is one of the main reasons the Red Sox pulled off one of the biggest choke jobs in baseball history last season. On October 12th, the Boston Globe detailed how Beckett and fellow Boston hurlers John Lackey and Jon Lester behaved abhorrently last September. They ate chicken and drank beer during games and often snuck out of the dugout during Red Sox games, abandoning their teammates to do so.

Fenway fans were appalled. News of the pitchers’ behavior cost Boston manager Terry Francona his job. Keep in mind Francona not only won the Red Sox first World Series title in nine decades, he won TWO World Championships. Yet, more than any other human being, Beckett’s drunken, slovenly behavior cost Francona his job.

Now, there’s a new sheriff in town. One of new manager Bobby Valentine’s first actions was to ban alcohol from the Boston clubhouse this season. Keep in mind the ban is almost entirely Beckett’s fault. Instead of manning up and keeping his mouth shut, Beckett is reacting with rage. Against “snitches.”

In an interview on radio station WEEI’s website, Beckett opens Spring Training talking about the Red Sox beer/alcolhol ban saying: “This is stupid. I don’t see what the big deal is. Somebody was trying to save their own ass, and it probably cost a lot of people their asses. The snitching shit, that’s bullshit.”

Eloquently put. What a clueless idiot.

Beckett can’t claim he was misquoted. The entire interview is on tape. He is getting torched for his snitches-get-stitches attitude. In the “comments”section of an article on the topic, the portly, chicken chewing pitcher is being called a “douchebag.” Beckett is also being labled “cream puff,” “clown,” and “arrogant bastard.”

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