Hustler publishes photoshopped picture of S.E. Cupp performing oral sex

S.E. Cupp is a conservative political pundit and commentator whose work appears in sites as diverse as MSNBC and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. This month, the porn magazine Hustler went out of their way to slime Cupp by publishing a Photoshopped picture of her performing oral sex. The photo is making the rounds on the Internet and is captioned, “This is what S.E. Cupp looks like with a dick in her mouth.”

Cupp did several interviews yesterday including the Glenn Beck Show. Oddly, Cupp actually commended Hustler for being “honest.” She said other media outlets didn’t openly admit they came after women solely because of their political views. In their pictorial, Hustler admitted they came after Cupp because of her “dumb (conservative) political ideas.”

Even liberalĀ political organizations like Planned Parenthood have come out with official statements condemning Hustler and their publisher Larry Flynt who has a long and storied history of winning court battles allowing them to publish lewd photos and drawings as “satire.”

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