Most Awesome Conspiracy Theory Ever: Alex Jones accuses Bilderbergers of eating gold encrusted babies

Alex Jones alleges Bilderberg attendees eat babies wrapped in gold foil.


Internet radio guru Alex Jones is the world’s foremost conspiracy theorist. He has among other theories accused the Bush administration of orchestrating 9/11 as an “inside job.” Jones’ latest conspiracy theory is a doozy. He is accusing attendees of the annual Bilderberg Society meeting of ordering dead babies wrapped in gold foil to eat.

Jones is even on tape accusing the Bilderbergers of ordering baby corpses to this year’s annual secret society meeting to dine on. Among those atending this year’s Bilderberg meeting (where conspiracy theorists say secret political decisions are hatched) are Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, former Congressman Richard Gephardt, former Obama economic aide Austan Goolsby, U.S. Senator John Kerry, former Bush speechwriter Peggy Noonan, Henry Kissinger, and former Car Czar Steve Rattner.

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One Response to “Most Awesome Conspiracy Theory Ever: Alex Jones accuses Bilderbergers of eating gold encrusted babies”

  1. Abandon TV Says:

    Some facts with three questions at the end…

    US sanctions against Iraq led to the deaths of 500,000 children under the age of 5

    The current war has murdered around a million men, women, children and babies.

    The use of depleted uranium WMD’s in Iraq has led to thousands of deformed and dead babies.

    All of the above was no accident. The effects of all policies and all techniques used would have been known in advance. No remorse or regret has been shown by any of the people responsible for causing these murders, either through political policy or by supplying funding or materials.

    Many of those who are responsible have attended or do attend the Bilderberg meetings. Many also attend Bohemian Grove where (among other things) mock child sacrifice ritual takes place.


    Baby eating may or may not take place at Bilderberg. But even if it did it would represent one more baby murder on top of the hundreds of thousands already murdered by these people.

    1. So why focus on one alleged baby murder when it has been proven that these people have already committed thousands of baby murders which are already documented and not disputed by anyone?

    2. And why focus on (and ridicule) the man accusing these people of this one crime, when surely the important thing to focus on would be the men who have already committed thousands of documented baby murders?

    3. Do you personally view thousands of proven baby murders as (a) more or (b) less important than some man alleging one more baby murder without any proof?

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