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Yikes! Four words: “Nancy Grace wardrobe malfunction”

September 27, 2011

What a revolting development on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” TV talk show harpy Nancy Grace’s boobs popped out after one of her routines. Ahhhhhh!

The show managed to edit out most of the damage but got in a snide comment of, “On the European version that would be perfectly fine.”

There’s only one way this could have been worse:


The-Sara-Palin-had-sex-with-a-black-guy story just keeps getting more and more awesome

September 16, 2011



The Tea Party’s not going to like this. Earlier this week, The National Enquirer had a “bombshell” and “world exclusive” story that former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin once snorted coke off an oil drum on a snowmobiling trip. The Enquirer managed to get advance information on details of the the upcoming Palin book “The Rogue” by author Joe McGinniss.

However, the charges of cocaine use is not the excerpt from the book getting the most media attention. No, that would be the anecdote by McGinniss that, in 1987, Palin hooked up with then-University of Michigan basketball star Glen Rice for a “steamy interracial” one night stand. Rice has basically confirmed that he had sex with Palin and remembers her fondly. Palin was 23 when the alleged one-on-one encounter took place and happened while she was a weekend tv sports anchor in Anchorage covering The Great Alaska Shootout basketball tournament.

Mother Jones says Palin was not as open minded as Rice. Nor, did she remember the encounter as fondly. In fact, according to McGinnis, Palin was “horrified” and “freaked out” He quotes a Palin “friend” as saying she was “completely crazed.” The person claims Palin screamed, “I can’t beleive I just fucked a black man!”


Justin Bieber wearing womens jeans

September 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made an $18 million profit off their wedding

August 21, 2011

The much-hyped wedding between celebrity reality tv star Kim Kardashian and her NBA basketball player husband Kris Humphries cost a reported $8 million. What has been less publicized is that the couple reportedly made $18 million on the event and paid virtually zero of that eight million.

Darren Rovell of CNBC reports that Kardashian and Humphries were payed a combined $17.9 million for the “media rights” to the wedding. This includes $15 million from E! TV wich is airing a two-part rebroadcast of the wedding called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” an additional $2.5 million from People Magazine for the wedding pictures, and $300,00 for an article from People announcing the couple’s engagement. Good news because Humphries is currently unemployed with the NBA lockout. Kardashian was also payed by Tao nightclub in Las Vegas to have her bacherlorette party there and by Ok! magazine for bridal shower pictures.

One gossip site adds that the couple also got tons of “free crap” from various corporate sponsors. According to the New York Post, the free crap included Kardashian’s wedding dress, the wedding cake, and free rental of the estate where the couple got married. Also free was the wedding’s champagne, floral arrangements and catering which included caviar and Kobe beef. The couple was also comped the decorations and the wedding invitations. Somebody else also paid for the musical acts which included Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Darren Rovell hilariously points out that Humphries made $17.9 million off the wedding compared to $16.9 million off his entire seven-year basketball career. Wedding guests included Ryan Seacrest, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lindsay Lohan, Carmelo Anthony and Eva Longoria.

Lindsay Lohan caught buying crack

August 12, 2011 claims to have photographed actress Lindsay Lohan buying what looks like illegal drugs.

Today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday

August 6, 2011


Dumped fiancee calls Jay Cutler “a loser and a pussy”

July 29, 2011


The celebrity gossip website is reporting that neighbors say they often heard arguments between despised Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his jilted fiancee, Kristin Cavallari, through the walls of their apartment.

One neighbor says he heard Cavallari screaming at Cutler, calling him a “loser and a pussy.” This is the best Cutler story since former Green Bay Packer Greg Koch accused him of having his “tampon fall out on national tv.”

The neighbor also claims that Cavallari regularly taunted Cutler about “faking” his infamous knee in injury in last year’s NFC Championship game.

Amy Winehouse dead

July 23, 2011


Singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment according to and several other sources.

Winehouse had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. This very blog has been guilty of exploiting Winehouse’s substance abuse problems as a source of humor and derision. Winehouse’s life was such a trainwreck that we used to do a feature called the “Daily Amy” where we chronicled the singer’s life. These included stories of her punching concert goers, slurring through racist diatribes after smoking crack, being photographed smoking while being hospitalized for emphysema, shopping for liquor and being caught on tape using heroin,

At first, Winehouse’s drunken, drug-addled behavior was funny. There was the time she was photographed doing shots while babysitting:

And the time she was so wasted that a British tabloid photographed her walking into a post:

Or the time that the paparazzi shot a picture of Winehouse wearing an ADULT DIAPER as she prepared for a night of partying and soiling herself (at the age of 23):

However, Winehouse’s behavior soon became so troublesome and her self destructive death was so inevitable that even we came up with a self-imposed embargo to no longer blog about her pathetic antics. In fact, in a post entitled “Our Last Ever Post on Amy Winehouse,” we wrote that she was a “sad, doomed, pathetic human being” before adding, “She will be dead very soon.” Winehouse managed to live another three plus years after that post.

Amy Winehouse was a very talented and gifted musician. Another artist wiped out by addiction. Ironically, she died at the age of 27. That’s the identical age that Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain and Janice Joplin died at.




Lawsuit accuses Britney Spears of being a smelly, nose picking, meth user

July 21, 2011

Fernando Flores, a former bodyguard for Britney Spears, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the pop star. According to the lawsuit, Spears constantly picked her nose, would not shower for days at a time and often used drugs (including meth.)

Flores claims Spears made his life a “living hell” by constantly trying to have sex with him. Besides her meth use, the former police officer also alludes to Spears’ former heroin use.

Mrs. Rupert Murdoch lays smackdown on pie guy

July 20, 2011


Today, Wendi Deng is the most googled person on the face of the earth. During yesterday’s televised hearings before the British Parliament, Deng, who is the wife of Newscorp media mogul Rupert Murdoch, intercepted a man who was trying to hit her husband in the face with a foam, shaving cream pie.