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Oregon State announcer caught on embarrassing YouTube video

May 13, 2011


Oregon State University announcer Mike Parker is currently seeking treatment for alcohol issues after an horrific YouTube video shows him drunkenly eating a napkin at an L.A. Denny’s restaurant.

Michigan fan buys Tressel billboard

May 3, 2011

Yes, there’s a Tim Tebow statue in Florida

April 10, 2011

Death to the BCS!

March 29, 2011

John Junker, Fiesta Bowl


Just as we predicted!

Following numerous criminal acts, the Fiesta Bowl may be defunct. The BCS has announced they are going to make the Fiesta Bowl petition to get back into the Bowl Championship Series. Ouch! This follows an investigation which revealed former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker bribed politicians and used tax exempt money to go to strip clubs. Junker also threw himself a $30,000 birthday party with 501(3)(C) non-profit money. He was fired today by the Fiesta Bowl.

The Fiesta Bowl was destroyed thanks to the heroic efforts of Playoff PAC. The organization obtained the Fiesta Bowl’s tax records under the Freedom of Information Act. They determined that the Fiesta Bowl and Junker broke numerous tax and federal election laws. Playoff PAC did their own investigation following a 2009 expose by an Arizona newspaper.

Should the Fiesta Bowl go away as an official BCS game, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is already waiting in the wings to introduce a revised Cotton Bowl held at Cowboys Stadium as a Bowl Championship Series substitute.

Spectacularly awesome Zach Enyeart trick shot long snapping video

March 2, 2011


Washington State University long snapper Zach Enyeart is hoping to be selected in the 2011 NFL Draft. In an effort to enhance his chances, Enyeart made the above video.


February 20, 2011

Remember Harvey Updyke? He’s the over the top Alabama football fan who murdered the legendary “Toomer Trees” on the Auburn campus by poisoning them by using a massive herbicide on the pair of 130-year-old oaks.

Updyke faces up to 10 years in prison and his family is still getting death threats. He is reportedly such a hoge Alabama fan that he named his kids Crimson and Bear. Updyke was busted after calling a Birmingham sports talk show and bragging about killing the trees.

Updyke awesomely flipped off a tv camera crew after being after being arraigned:



February 6, 2011


Maybe Phil Simms is a bit overprotective since the last quarterback he raised turned into a drug fiend.

The former New York Giants Super Bowl winning quarterback-turned CBS television announcer came close to throwing punches at former college football hero and current ESPN analyst Desmond Howard. Howard Tweeted that Simms “threatened” him and said he wanted to “take a swing” at the former NFL receiver.

Simms was angry over comments Howard made three months ago about his son, Tennessee quarterback Matt Simms. Howard had called Matt Simms “one of the three worst quarterbacks in the SEC.”

Things got so heated in the Simms/Howard exchange at the NFL Xperience Saturday that police had to step in between the two. Simms now claims he was never goinng to hit Howard. Meanwhile, Howard immediately took to Twitter to rat out Simms.


February 3, 2011



Former Arkansas and USC quarterback Mitch Mustain was arrested in Los Angeles on a felony narcotics charge Tuesday night. ESPN Los Angeles reported that Mustain was originally unable to make his $30,000 bail. The AP says Mustain was charged with trying to sell prescription drugs.

Mustain was one of the most coveted, highly-recruited quarterbacks in the history of high school football and won multiple national Player of the Year awards. He originally enrolled at Arkansas and had an 8-0 record as a true freshman but transferred to USC after inexplicably being benched by Razorbacks coach Houston Nutt. Mustain graduated this season having started just one game in his USC career while sitting behind Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. Mustain started the USC/Notre Dame game this past season. The Trojans lost that game.

USC was letting Mustain work out at their facilities in anticipation of the upcoming NFL Draft.


February 2, 2011

How big is college football National Signing Day in Alabama?

Big enough that the University of Alabama put a web cam on their fax machine so that fans could see the letters of intent from high school athletes coming in live. Granted, the school also put a sexy cheerleader next to the fax machine to post names.

The site got so many hits that it was able to run national commercials from companies like Arby’s.


January 13, 2011



Meet the new NCAA boss. Same as the old NCAA boss.

Basketball writer Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News points out the latest example of abject NCAA hypocrisy. The governing body of college sports in America ruled once again on Wednesday that Turkish center Enes Kanter is ineligible to play basketball at the University of Kentucky.

Kanter was offered millions of dollars to play for a professional basketball team in Europe. He turned down the offer solely for the chance to play college basketball in America. His parents ASKED the NCAA if they could meet with the professional club. The NCAA agreed to allow the meeting but later ruled that Kanter’s father was paid too much expense money. Of course, that’s because Kanter’s father truthfully reported to the NCAA how much money he recieved.

The elder Kanter should have employed the strategy used by Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s father. In other words he should have lied, and lied, and lied. When new NCAA president Mark Emmert pointed out that there was “no question” Kanter shouldn’t be eligible, it was pointed out that Kanter originally commited to the University of Washington. That was when Emmert was the UW president. Obviously, Emmert had no problem with Kanter’s eligibilty then.

ESPN’s Dick Vitale and Seth Davis of CBS have pounded the NCAA over their ruling in the Kanter case. Vitale went so far as to say that if Kanter were at Washington he’d have been ruled eligible. Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari is also still pissed over the ruling.