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August 30, 2011


At least now we know why Fox News has done so many hit pieces on Gawker Media lately. came out with a “bombshell” article today about Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly and his personal vendetta against a Long Island cop who is currently screwing his wife. Gawker has all the personal details of a revenge-seeking O’Reilly threatening to withold a multi-million dollar donation to the Nassau County Police Department after one of their detectives was found to be having an affair with Mrs. Bill O’Reilly.

Gawker details how O’Reilly and two of his private detectives attempted to use his county’s police force for retribution and conducting an official investigation into the cop who is now living with O’Reilly’s wife. O’Reilly apparently sought to have the detective investigated by an elite internal affairs investigative force even though he apparently never did anything illegal. He just got caught screwing Bill O’Reilly’s wife.

The story hasn’t received much play from traditional media but has been an Internet sensation. The Daily Beast, Slate, Adweek, Forbes , the Huffington Post and an online blog for the Washington Post have all jumped on the story. O’Reilly has not commented on the story but Fox News has called the Gawker piece “lies.”

Useless dolt Rick Sanchez finally gets another broadcasting job

July 27, 2011


Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez finally has another job after crashing and burning his cable news career back in October. Sanchez has been named to do Florida International college football broadcasts this season. Sanchez adnitted to the Miami Herald that he’s not even getting paid to do the FIU games.

The Cuban Ted Baxter had been gassed by CNN after claiming a Jewish media conspiracy and calling Comedy Central host Jon Stewart a “bigot.”

Mrs. Rupert Murdoch lays smackdown on pie guy

July 20, 2011


Today, Wendi Deng is the most googled person on the face of the earth. During yesterday’s televised hearings before the British Parliament, Deng, who is the wife of Newscorp media mogul Rupert Murdoch, intercepted a man who was trying to hit her husband in the face with a foam, shaving cream pie.

Jenn Sterger claims brunette discrimination

July 5, 2011

Poor Jenn Sterger. Her media assignments keep getting crumier and crummier. Best known as the unfortunate woman who was texted pictures of Brett Favre’s junk when she was a New York Jets sideline reporter, Sterger is now doing an internet fiasco called “The Hottie Index.” This after STARTING with her own college football column for Sports Illustrated. Sterger’s piece this week features numerous rips on ESPN and blondes. Sterger claims, “ESPN likes hot blondes more than a dog likes to sniff its own ass.”

Sterger lept to instant pop culture/lingerie model stardom in 2005 as the “FSU Cowgirl” when college football announcer Brent Musburger continuously referred to her skimpy outfit during the Florida State/Miami game. ripped Sterger’s weekly performance on “The Hottie Index” as “jealousy-filled”and referred to “the downward spiral” of her career. Ouch! One piece of good news. Sterger apparently had new breast implants reinstalled. She had her rookie breast implants removed in 2009. This despite the fact that Sterger once said in a campus speech that getting breast implants was the “best decision” of her life.


What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today

Noted dick Mark Halperin suspended by MSNBC for calling President Obama a “dick”

July 1, 2011


Time magazine editor Mark Halperin has been suspended “indefinitely” from his analyst job at MSNBC after he said President Barack Obama was acting like “kind of a dick” during his Thursday appearance on Morning Joe. Halperin repeatedly asked hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski if the tv show’s “dump button” was working. Egged on by Scarborough, Halperin then drops his d-bomb.


A horrified Halperin comes back from break and profusely apologizes to President Obama. Pay particular attention to the cringeworthy performance by Scarborough who promptly throws both his entire crew and the Time editor under the bus in an effort to absolve himself of any responsibility.

“Chugging 40’s” Fox News dude continues to prove he’s a flat out racist douche

June 12, 2011

Fox News host Eric Bolling is undoubtedly the biggest racist on television and he’s not even trying to hide it. Last month Bolling accused President Obama of “chugging 40’s.” Now, Bolling has taken his Fox race baiting to a new level.

On the Friday edition of “Follow the Money.” Bolling repeatedly talked about “hoodlums in the hizzouse” and “hoodlums in the hizzie.” Bolling went on and on about the “hoods” Obama was letting in the White House while Fox left up the graphic “Hoods in the House.” Bolling compared the rapper Common with an African dictator from Gabon because… well, you know…they’re both one of THOSE PEOPLE. Here’s how long Fox News let up the “Hoods in the House” graphic on Bolling’s show:

If you don’t think that Bolling is a racist then why do you think that there is an entire Facebook site entitled “Eric Bolling is a Racist Douchebag” ? had the best headline/summary of Bolling’s actions when they posted: “Fox News does something blatantly racist, will face no consequences.”

WOODward and Bonestein unveil actual photo of Weiner’s weiner

June 9, 2011

The Internet sex scandal of Congressman Anthony Weiner just keeps going on…and on… and on…

Wednesday, however, the crazy got cranked up to 11 on Weinergate when Sirius XM shock jocks Opie and Anthony tricked blogger Andrew Breitart into revealing pictures of Weiner’s actual weiner. Breitbart had said earlier in the week that he had an x-rated picture of the Congressman’s genitalia. However, he had promised not to reveal the photo in order to “protect” Weiner’s family. Then, when Breitbart was making an appearance on the pair’s satellite radio program, Opie and Anthony apparently secretly snapped a picture from his cell phone. As soon as Breitbart left the studio they immediately posted the penis picture on Twitter.

A “mortified”Breitbart claims Opie and Anthony had violated his trust. To which the radio hosts responded OF COURSE they had.

Meanwhile, while Weiner claims he won’t resign his House seat, names are already circulating as to who will replace him in Congress and Democrats are lining up to throw him under the bus. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was asked if Weiner called him what advice would he give Weiner? Reid’s advice: “Call somebody else.”Ouch!

Finally, to end theday of Weiner craziness, it now turns out that his wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.


New York tabloid Weiner covers

June 8, 2011

June 7, 2011

Joe Rogan is not going to win this year’s “Alan Alda Male Sensitivity Award”

June 6, 2011


Last week we brought you the story of UFC fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and his faux motorboating controversy. Yahoo! Sports blogger/columnist Maggie Hendricks was one of several writers to hammer Jackson for his sordid history of inappropriate treament towards female journalists.

Over the weekend, it was Hendricks who was attacked. Following her criticism of Jackson, UFC announcer Joe Rogan went online and made some comments about Hendricks that were in incredibly poor taste. For instance, Rogan actually referred to Hendricks as being “cunty,” whatever the hell that means.

In addition to pointing out that Rampage Jackson is NOT A FUCKING DENTIST, Rogan added that even though the fighter occassionly gets “out of line,” that’s just “part of his charm.” Rogan also dropped two c-word bombs on Hendricks and referred to her as “ugly.” Classy! (even for a guy from Fear Factor.)

Rogan’s comments were so over the top that UFC president Dana White was offended. Wow! I didn’t even know that was possible. White made Rogan apologize to Hendricks.

Rogan returned to the same same chatroom and wrote:

“Never did I imagine that so many people would get their panties in a bunch about the use of the word “c*nty” to describe a female blogger, but in this “gotcha” age of online “journalism” we find ourselves in any controversy that can be expolited to fill headlines…”

Jesus, man! Worst…apology…ever.

Rampage Jackson is a motorboating fool

June 1, 2011


Actor/UFC fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson either gave a lighthearted interview with a female reporter named Karyn Bryant or is a serial sexual harasser. It depends on who you ask. Bryant herself did not appear offended at all when Jackson pretended to motorboat her breasts and threatened to “hump” her. (Watch the above video.)

On the other hand, Maggie Hendricks of Yahoo! Sports was outraged at Jackson and his history of bad behavior towards female reporters. MMA writer Michael David Smith also wrote a story about Jackson’s history of harassing behavior which included this montage of embarrassing video.

Keep in mind Jackson has a history of possible mental illness and was once almost gunned down by LA cops in an insane police chase.