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Proof that T.O. is a jerkoff

June 27, 2012


TMI from T.O.

According to, a woman who met former NFL star receiver Terrell Owens on Twitter and had cybersex with him on Skype is offering to sell explicit photos she captured of T.O. masturbating.

NFL “Bountygate” smoking gun evidence: Saints Dog The Bounty Hunter Power Point presentation

June 19, 2012


Hey, I’m as pro-union as any talk show host there is but DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA needs to quit expending time and resources defending totally guilty New Orleans Saints players in the NFL “Bountygate” case. Monday, the league held a hearing for suspended Saints players Jonathan Vilma, Tony Hargrove, Will Smith and former Saint Scott Fujita. All four left the appeal hearing early and in disgust.

Vilma and Fujita commented for reporters during the hearing and professed their innocence. Fujita called the hearings unfair and declared there was “no evidence” against he or any other Saints players. Actually, there was a ton of evidence which the NFL gleefully released to a handful of media members. Among the evidence against Saints players:

* Two Saints assistant coaches confessing on tape in league testimony.

* Video of Hargrove demanding “Give me my money,” from another Saints player after he thought he knocked Brett Favre out of a playoff game.

* A Saints team PowerPoint presentation taken from the Saints own computers which details much of the operation and features a picture of reality tv star Dog The Bounty Hunter.


The league also had handwritten memos and notes from various Saints players and officials detailing and confessing to the “bounties” to injure rival players. All of which they leaked to the media. The “mountain” of evidence against the Saints players was so strong that the New York Daily News actually proclaimed Vilma and the Saints “accomplished very little” in their hearing.

Hooker killing spree thwarths Craig James Senate run

May 30, 2012

Poor Craig James. His transition from imbecilic college football announcer to unemployment is now officially complete.

James yesterday lost his bid to become a U.S. Senator from Texas, finishing in a distant fourth place in the state’s Republican primary. In fact, James managed only 4% of the vote. How did a conservative former star Texas athlete and ESPN “celebrity” get trounced so badly, even if it was only his first election? One analysis points out that James “was an unknown to many and not liked by those who did.”

Why was Craig James hated by so many people? James himself addressed that topic in an interview last month. Any Google search also reveals an amazing number of articles trashing James from one article detailing how he wet the bed into his teens to others detailing his alleged constant adultery. All of this anti-Craig James media is fascinating (seriously, look it up) but none of it is as awesome as the headlines generated by James over one particular urban legend.

That’s right, there’s an urban legend that James killed five hookers when he attended SMU. While at the school, James took so much money from boosters ($30,000 in 1977 dollars) that he killed not just the hookers but SMU’s entire football program. The team received the NCAA Death Penalty.

Too bad ESPN has already stated they will never rehire James who is known as:

a) one the cheatingest amateur athlete in the history of America

b) arguably the worst voter in the history of the college football media poll

and c) now a guy who lost an election based in part on a five-dead-hookers Internet urban legend.

Radio talk show host fired for racist “monkeys” comment

March 15, 2012


On the first day of NFL free agency the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spent $150 million signing Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Eric Wright. That has the whole town excited.

Unfortunately for radio talk show host Dan Sileo of WDAE he got TOO excited. Sileo referred to the players as “those three monkeys.” Sileo didn’t even last one day. He was fired by the radio station.

Naturally, some media people were outraged. Not about three African-American players being called “monkeys” but about Sileo being fired for using “politically incorrect” speach. Put Glenn Beck on that list.


Peyton Hillis sure believes in the Madden Curse now

January 2, 2012

At least Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis knows who to blame for his terrible 2011 NFL season. It’s John Madden’s fault. Before this week’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers dropped the Browns to a season-ending 4-12, Hillis freely admitted he was now a firm believer in the “Madden Curse.”  In fact, he proclaimed himself the latest victim. So, if it wasn’t Madden’s fault, it was YOUR fault if you were one of the fans who voted Hillis onto the cover of Madden 12.

As one Yahoo! Sports columnist pointed out, Hillis should probably be blaming himself. After constant contract squabbling with the Browns following the lockout, Hillis spent most of his season being injured, pouting about his contract and generally being an asshole. Hillis’ had such a lousy attitude this season that his teammates actually staged a DICK intervention at one point.

Tebow gets more scoreboard on Jesus: Now has his own comic book

December 30, 2011

It’s a miracle.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is now officially a superhero. Tebow just signed a deal with Marvel Comics to be featured in his own comic book. No, it’s not called  “Super Christian.”

It’s official: Tim Tebow has now performed more miracles than Jesus

December 12, 2011

Another Sunday, another miracle win for the Denver Broncos and quarterback Tim Tebow. This is truly getting ridiculous. For the seventh time in eight weeks since he became Denver’s starting quarterback, the sixth time in a row, in fact, Tebow has pulled out a last minute victory in some form of miraculous win. Most of those games have followed the same script-Tebow sucks and can’t pass for three quarters, then SOMEHOW pulls off a miracle come-from-behind victory. 

Yesterday may have been Tebow and the Broncos most Christ-like rise from the dead yet. Denver was on its way to certain defeat (despite another Tebow last-minute td drive.) The Chicago Bears were running out the clock for a certain win when some (devine?) voice told running back Marion Barber to run out of bounds. Granted a few seconds reprieve, Tebow drove Denver down the field where they hit a 59 yard field goal to send the game into overtime. The Bears took the opening drive in OT down the field and appeared to be in position to twarth another Tebow miracle, but BARBER fumbled the ball, the latest victim to literally be smited by Tebow. The rest is history. Denver gets the ball and drives down for a winning OT field goal.

Denver now leads the AFC West by two games after literally being written off for dead. Ironically, Tebow’s most amazing win came on the same day that three major newspapers wrote articles praising Tebow, not as a quarterback, but as a cultural icon. The New York Times had an editorial about Tebow and the “Gospel of Optimism.” Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor had a feature on “The Tim Tebow culture wars.”

All of this came at the same time that The Wall Street Journal was writing about Tebow’s multitude of saintly charity deeds. The article actually refers to him as “God’s Quarterback.” Those charity works go all the way back to Tebow’s school days when he would spend Spring Break circumcising orphans for his father’s missionary program called “Gain Salvation, Lose Your Foreskin.”

Keep in mind that all three of those articles were written BEFORE Sunday’s win.

We now have a defining image of the Norv Turner era

November 28, 2011

Yesterday, the San Diego Chargers lost their sixth game in a row,victims of yet anothe Christ-like comeback by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

As the Chargers drove down the field in overtime, CBS cameras focused on kicker Nick Novak warming up on the sidelines. However, kicking wasn’t the only thing Novak was doing. He was also caught peeing on the sidelines.

Novak’s urinating was not only captured on tape but was then blown up by multiple sports blogs on the Internet, and confirmed by NBC insider Mike Florio.


Tebowing for Dummies

November 16, 2011


Raiders owner Al Davis dead at 82

October 8, 2011