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OK, so I’m thinking Sarah Palin’s Twitter account may have been hacked

July 5, 2012

Republicans: Asians/Latinos what’s the difference?

June 15, 2012

Maybe this is why Mitt Romney is trailing Barack Obama by 43 points among Hispanic voters.

The Republican National Committe has set up a Spanish-language website designed to lure Hispanic voters. Unfortunately, in what has been called “an embarrassing display of racism”, the Republicans posted a photo of laughing children on the site. Why the controversy? NONE of the children are Hispanic. They’re Asian.

US News and World Report originally spotted the gaffe and pointed out that the stock Shuttercock photo that was used by the Republicans was labled “Thailand,” “Asia,” and “interracial.”

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Democrat Tom Barrett concedes Wisconsin governor’s race, so female voter slaps him!

June 6, 2012

How about this for adding injury to insult? First, Democrat Tom Barrett gets his ass kicked in the Wisconsin Governor’s race to incumbent Republican Scott Walker. Then a female voter approaches Barrett at his concession speech and flat out slaps him in the face for conceding.

Here’s play-by-play of the slap from Milwaukee tv plus raw video of the slap. The woman actually asks Barrett for permission to slap him. When he answers he’d “rather be hugged” she slaps him anyway.

Most Awesome Conspiracy Theory Ever: Alex Jones accuses Bilderbergers of eating gold encrusted babies

June 4, 2012

Alex Jones alleges Bilderberg attendees eat babies wrapped in gold foil.


Internet radio guru Alex Jones is the world’s foremost conspiracy theorist. He has among other theories accused the Bush administration of orchestrating 9/11 as an “inside job.” Jones’ latest conspiracy theory is a doozy. He is accusing attendees of the annual Bilderberg Society meeting of ordering dead babies wrapped in gold foil to eat.

Jones is even on tape accusing the Bilderbergers of ordering baby corpses to this year’s annual secret society meeting to dine on. Among those atending this year’s Bilderberg meeting (where conspiracy theorists say secret political decisions are hatched) are Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, former Congressman Richard Gephardt, former Obama economic aide Austan Goolsby, U.S. Senator John Kerry, former Bush speechwriter Peggy Noonan, Henry Kissinger, and former Car Czar Steve Rattner.

Hooker killing spree thwarths Craig James Senate run

May 30, 2012

Poor Craig James. His transition from imbecilic college football announcer to unemployment is now officially complete.

James yesterday lost his bid to become a U.S. Senator from Texas, finishing in a distant fourth place in the state’s Republican primary. In fact, James managed only 4% of the vote. How did a conservative former star Texas athlete and ESPN “celebrity” get trounced so badly, even if it was only his first election? One analysis points out that James “was an unknown to many and not liked by those who did.”

Why was Craig James hated by so many people? James himself addressed that topic in an interview last month. Any Google search also reveals an amazing number of articles trashing James from one article detailing how he wet the bed into his teens to others detailing his alleged constant adultery. All of this anti-Craig James media is fascinating (seriously, look it up) but none of it is as awesome as the headlines generated by James over one particular urban legend.

That’s right, there’s an urban legend that James killed five hookers when he attended SMU. While at the school, James took so much money from boosters ($30,000 in 1977 dollars) that he killed not just the hookers but SMU’s entire football program. The team received the NCAA Death Penalty.

Too bad ESPN has already stated they will never rehire James who is known as:

a) one the cheatingest amateur athlete in the history of America

b) arguably the worst voter in the history of the college football media poll

and c) now a guy who lost an election based in part on a five-dead-hookers Internet urban legend.

Bill Clinton poses in Monaco with porn stars

May 24, 2012

First photos out of Colombian Secret Service hooker

April 20, 2012

Not an April Fools joke: Sarah Palin to fill in as Today show host

April 2, 2012

Senator Sweater Vest declares “War on Porn”

March 16, 2012


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rick Santorum wants to put you in prison. It’s either that or make all Internet porn illegal.

Now, I’m sure you’re going to think I’m insane for making that statement but it’s actually Santorum who’s the nut. Santorum, yesterday, put out a statement on his own website declaring he supports those who are fighting a “War on Pornography.” Claiming that the Obama administration continued to favor “pornographers over children and families,” Santorum said he would “vigorously enforce” federal pornography laws. Here’s an example of what’s a felony and could put you in federal prison for decades under current federal law:

* viewing pornography on the Internet

* looking at pornography on cable or satellite television

* viewing pornography in a hotel room

* watching an adult film that came from any retail outlet or in the mail

So, if you’ve EVER looked at any porn on the Internet, even on your own computer in your own home you are a criminal according to Rick Santorum. You can be imprisoned for 10 years or more. Seriously. Likewise, if you’ve ever legally watched something on tv his Attorney General deems obscene you can face jail time. Santorum specifically cites “cable and satellite television” as something he’s going to pursue “vigorously.” Even if HBO chose what to broadcast that still makes you a criminal if you’ve ever watched. Ever rented any pay-per-view adult films that your cable or satellite company has a record of? Forget it, they can lock you up and throw away the key on multiple felony counts. Hell, a Santorum administration could theoretically subpoena pay-per-view records from companies forcing them to turn over your rental records for the specific purpose of prosecuting you.

If you’ve ever watched an adult film in your own house that you legally rented from ANY “retail” outlet or got sent to you in the mail you can face serious jail time on obscenity and federal pornography charges. Same if you’ve ever watched an adult movie in a hotel room. It’s technically illegal to view pornography in a hotel.

These aren’t my interpretations. They’re Santorum’s. Don’t believe me? He flat out states all of these things are illegal on his website which you can check for yourself at .

The lede in The Daily Caller today (not exactly a lefty publication) is, “Internet pornography could conceivably become a thing of the past if Rick Sanorum is elected president.”

In 2009, the University of Montreal set out to do a study on the effects of pornography on men. They sought to study how men who viewed porn treated women and if it was different than men who had never watched an adult movie. The study was cancelled. Why? Because the university literally couldn’t find a single man who had never watched porn in his life. Let me repeat: they couldn’t find ANY man who had never viewed pornography. Not a single one. Don’t believe me? Here’s the story:

Doonesbury: Relevant again for the first time in 25 years

March 14, 2012

The comic strip “Doonesbury” stopped being relevant two decades ago. Hell,  ALL comic strips are now irrelevant.

Still, Gary Trudeau is (was) a brilliantly talented guy. That talent resurfaced again this week as Trudeau tackled the hugely controversial topic of abortion.

Trudeau tackled the current “War on Women” aspect of the abortion story-particularly the state of Texas passing a bill requiring women seeking the procedure to be forced to undergo an ultrasound. Worse, the specific ultrasound required is “transvaginal.” It mandates by law that a 10″ object be inserted into the vagina of every woman seeking an abortion.

The “Doonesbury” strip this week is both brutal and scathing. It’s some of Trudeau’s best work ever. Sadly, many newspapers have banned the strip this week for being too “controversial.”

In case your local paper has banned “Doonesbury” this week here are some highlight panels: