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Greatest Chris-Bosh-looks-like-a-tansvestite reference in broadcast history

April 1, 2011


Sure, former Notre Dame basketball star Austin Carr may have been a bit of an underachiever during his NBA career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Carr has more than made up for his pro shortcomings as an an annoucer for the Cavs.

Carr had already established himself as a local broadcast legend for his work with Fox Sports Ohio. He is even popular with Buckeye State college kids who established the “Austin Carr Drinking Game.” This week, Carr added to his legend by getting off the greatest slam on Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh EVER. During the Cavaliers/Miami Heat game, Carr called Bosh a “RuPaul look-alike.”



Carr’s comments are beyond hilarious. Sure, Bosh has had a soft and womanlike season, including the now famous incident where he cried “like a bitch.” Still, to have an NBA announcer compare Bosh to a transvestite on live television? Genius! Comedy gold, Jerry. Comedy gold.

Carr, like everybody else is Ohio, now hates defected star Lebron James and all of his Miami Heat teammates.




February 26, 2009



Austin Carr was one of the greatest college basketball stars of all-time (no. 22 on ESPN list)and a good enough NBA player that the Cleveland Cavaliers retired his jersey.

However, these days younger fans know Carr through his role as the Cavaliers color analyst on tv. With the Cavaliers sporting the best record in the East and featuring LeBron James, the most exciting player in the NBA,a whole new generation has been exposed to Carr. They know him only as the cliche-using basketball announcer. And the guy who gets you drunk.

That’s because Cleveland residents have discovered a new pastime. The Austin Carr Drinking Game. It can be played by getting bottles or cans of your favorite beer and a bottle of your favorite hard alcohol to do shots. The Austin Carr Drinking Game even has official rules.


* Every time Carr says, “throws the hammer down,” you must do a shot.

* Every time Carr says, “at The Q” drink a beer.

* Every time Carr says, “he throws the hammer down at The Q” you must do a shot AND a beer.

* Finally, whenever Carr concludes a sentence with the word “Fred” (his trademark) you have to CHUG your beer.