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September 18, 2008


Former Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman has a new tell-all book out. It’s entitled “Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty.”

The title is pretty self explanatory. Pearlman recounts his days as an NFL writer covering the Cowboys. He dishes the dirt on the Cowboys literally from page one.

Pearlman opens the book with a story about Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin stabbing a teammate during team hair cut day in training camp. The book says the Cowboys had to pay offensive lineman Everett McIver a huge sum of money to prevent Irvin from going to prison. Irvin was on probation at the time of the stabbing.

This stuff isn’t exactly new information. All of it happened a decade ago. I remember breaking the Irvin stabbing incident nationally when I worked for SportsFan Radio. Nobody cared. Hey, the Cowboys WON Super Bowls. I took calls from our Dallas affiliate that night and not one person gave a damn that Michael Irvin had STABBED a fellow teammate. As one Dallas caller/Cowboys fan articulately put it, “Well,…some folks just need stabbin’.”

Although those comments pretty much summed up the feelings of most Cowboys fans, there is some pretty shocking material in Pearlman’s book. Under the category of “too much information,” Pearlman writes that former Cowboy Charles Haley was such a deviant that he would often masturbate in public at team meetings. Several websites, like, have featured stories about what a lunatic and horrible person Haley was.

Unfortunately, winning was so important to those Cowboys teams of the ’90s that they were literally willing to put up with ANYTHING in order to win. If people think that modern day Cowboys like Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson are bad they need to read Pearlman’s book.