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November 30, 2008



Chrissy Mazzeo has formally filed a civil lawsuit against Nevada governor Jim Gibbons accusing him of battery, false imprisonment and attempted kidnapping. Mazzeo continues to maintain Gibbons attempted to rape her following an evening of drinking in Las Vegas during October of 2006.

Gibbons was elected governor shortly after the alleged incident. Mazzeo and her lawyer, Robert Kossack of Las Vegas, allege a cover up/conspiracy in the Gibbons case. Their lawsuit was recently filed in Federal court. They say that’s why Gibbons was never prosecuted over the alleged incident. A surveilance tape from the parking garage where the incident was supposed to have happened mysteriously disappeared.

Mazzeo’s lawsuit also contends there was a blatant cover up of the Gibbons case between the governor’s handler/political operative Sid Rogich, Metro Police, former sheriff Bill Young and former Gibbons attorney Dan Campbell.


October 16, 2008


It’s not even debatable. Nevada has the nation’s worst governor.

Journalist and writer Ken Layne has called Nevada governor Jim Gibbons a “moronic alcoholic waitress-assaulting sex criminal.” Layne has also referred to Gibbons as a “bribe taker” and a “drunken idiot.”

 Gibbons won the governor’s race despite being accused of assaulting a cocktail waitress just weeks before the election. That cocktail waitress, Chrissy Mazzeo, is now suing Gibbons.

Mazzeo says Gibbons threatened to rape her following a bizarre incident at the Las Vegas restaurant McCormick and Schmick’s. The two met in the restaurant’s bar on the evening of October 13, 2006 while Gibbons was with his campaign staff and Mazzeo was with her (former) best friend.

Mazzeo’s complaint was filed in Nevada district court by her lawyer Robert Kossack. It is one of the most entertaining legal documents ever written.

The lawsuit not only describes Gibbons saying to Mazzeo,


“I don’t want to f*#* you. I want to rape you.”



but it also goes into great detail about the pair’s initial encounter. According to the lawsuit, upon being introduced to the future governor of Nevada Mazzeo said,


“Nice to meet you Bill Clinton.”

The lawsuit also says Mazzeo’s initial reaction to Gibbons was that he was a “boring and undesirable old man.” According to the lawsuit this reaction didn’t stop the married Gibbons from trying to have sex with her. The complaint says Gibbons was constantly touching Mazzeo and telling dirty jokes. Gibbons, a self-professed Mormon, was getting drunk the entire time according to the lawsuit. The liquor tab at Gibbons’ table reached $302.12. Eventually the encounter led to an incident at an adjacent parking lot where Mazzeo says Gibbons tried to rape her.

Mazzeo’s lawsuit also criticizes her former “best friend” who introduced her to Gibbons. The woman’s husband, a local dentist, is active in Nevada Republican politics. According to the lawsuit the woman turned on Mazzeo “faster than a pancake flipped by a short-order cook.”

Mazzeo is also suing Gibbons’ campaign manager Sid Rogich, former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young and Las Vegas Metro police.