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Doonesbury: Relevant again for the first time in 25 years

March 14, 2012

The comic strip “Doonesbury” stopped being relevant two decades ago. Hell,  ALL comic strips are now irrelevant.

Still, Gary Trudeau is (was) a brilliantly talented guy. That talent resurfaced again this week as Trudeau tackled the hugely controversial topic of abortion.

Trudeau tackled the current “War on Women” aspect of the abortion story-particularly the state of Texas passing a bill requiring women seeking the procedure to be forced to undergo an ultrasound. Worse, the specific ultrasound required is “transvaginal.” It mandates by law that a 10″ object be inserted into the vagina of every woman seeking an abortion.

The “Doonesbury” strip this week is both brutal and scathing. It’s some of Trudeau’s best work ever. Sadly, many newspapers have banned the strip this week for being too “controversial.”

In case your local paper has banned “Doonesbury” this week here are some highlight panels: