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April 19, 2010

A Washington state entrepreneur and convicted cocaine smuggler has been arrested on charges of running what authorities are calling a “bestiality farm.” Douglas Spink has been accused of selling tourists the opportunity to have sex with a variety of animals including horses, dogs and “mice smothered in vaseline and had to be euthanized.” A tape of a British man having sex with three different dogs on Spink’s property was seized as evidence.

Spink actually owned the property in Enumclaw, Washington where the most infamous bestiality case in U.S. history took place. In 2005, a Washington man actually died of internal injuries after being sodomized by a horse. At the time, Washington had virtually nonexistent bestiality laws. Both Spink and the man who filmed the man-horse sexual encounter avoided major prosecution.

Spink, a licensed horse and dog breeder, was later convicted on drug charges after $34 million worth of cocaine was found in his vehicle. However, Spink received a relatively light sentence after cooperating with authorities.