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“Chugging 40’s” Fox News dude continues to prove he’s a flat out racist douche

June 12, 2011

Fox News host Eric Bolling is undoubtedly the biggest racist on television and he’s not even trying to hide it. Last month Bolling accused President Obama of “chugging 40’s.” Now, Bolling has taken his Fox race baiting to a new level.

On the Friday edition of “Follow the Money.” Bolling repeatedly talked about “hoodlums in the hizzouse” and “hoodlums in the hizzie.” Bolling went on and on about the “hoods” Obama was letting in the White House while Fox left up the graphic “Hoods in the House.” Bolling compared the rapper Common with an African dictator from Gabon because… well, you know…they’re both one of THOSE PEOPLE. Here’s how long Fox News let up the “Hoods in the House” graphic on Bolling’s show:

If you don’t think that Bolling is a racist then why do you think that there is an entire Facebook site entitled “Eric Bolling is a Racist Douchebag” ? had the best headline/summary of Bolling’s actions when they posted: “Fox News does something blatantly racist, will face no consequences.”