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February 20, 2011


Turns out rock star Eric Clapton is NOT god.

On the social news website Reddit “What I Learned Today” section, somebody posted a Wikipedia reference of an old Clapton controversy in which he calls Britain a “white country,” uses repeated racial slurs like “wogs” and “coons,” and suggests England “send back” all of the “bastard wogs.” Clapton added the need to “keep Britain white.” His idiotic comments led directly to the “Rock Against Racism” campaign in 1978.

Clapton was blasted by critics at the time in an open letter which stated, “Come on Eric…Own up. Half your music is black.” The letter also accused Clapton of being “rock music’s biggest colonist.”

Reddit wasn’t the only medium which rekindled the Clapton-is-a-racist meme this week. The weekly Seattle alternative paper The Stranger resurrected an old Clapton quote in which the guitar legend says, “I used to be into dope, now I’m into racism.”  He also said, “England is for white peple, man.”

Here’s the Xtranormal version of Clapton’s rant:


I’ve always kind of hated Clapton, ever since I paid big money to see him live in concert and he half-assed his way through the gig. At the time, I thought that maybe I was imaginings things. Nope. Clapton has basically admitted what a washed up piece of shit he is. And that was half a decade ago.

Even into the 2000’s, Clapton has said in interviews that his views “haven’t changed,” though he claims not to be a racist. This is WAY worse than the time I found out Bob Dylan “hates hippies.”