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May 6, 2010

If you saw last week’s edition of the hit Fox cartoon Family Guy, it was arguably the worst episode of the series ever. And, that’s not including the “feces eating.”

The Family Guy 150th episode show featured a bunch of outtakes and musical bits that weren’t good enough to air on the original series. It was lazy television. Worse, it was boring. That’s something you could NEVER accuse the show’s creator Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy of previously.

Therefore, if you were one of the regular Family Guy viewers who tuned the show out you may have missed the show’s current controversy. The Parents Television Council is a right-wing organization that has been at war with MacFarlane for years. Their members have literally filed hundreds of thousands of FCC complaints against the cartoon. The PTC went absolutely insane following a scene in last week’s cartoon featuring Stewie (the Family Guy’s cartoon baby) and Brian (the show’s dog.)

In the “controversial” scene of the show Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault.

* In response, Stewie soils himself

* He then convinces the dog to eat the poop out of his diaper

* Witnessing this, Stewie throws up. Brian eats the vomit and likes it.

* Stewie then convinces the dog to lick his butt clean

Even MTV called the show “offensive.” The PTC called it “sickening” and “one of the most disgusting episodes we’ve ever seen on tv.”

The L.A. Times has its own theory. They claim that MacFarlane is “taunting” the Federal Communications Commission and WANTS to get fined to challenge the government’s archaic censorship rules in court. MacFarlane is on a $100 million contract with Fox. He has made the company literally billions of dollars. The Times theorizes that MacFarlane wants to spend some of his millions battling the FCC in court. That theory has been picked up on by several other websites.

VIDEO of entire episode # 150


February 17, 2010

Once again, Sarah Palin is PISSED that somebody made a joke that referenced her family. Even indirectly. Sunday’s episode of the cartoon “Family Guy” featured one of its characters dating a girl with Down’s Syndrome. During the cartoon, the girl refers to her mother as “the former governor of Alaska.” Palin is the former governor of Alaska whose infant son has Down’s Syndrome.

As per usual, Palin took to Facebook to respond. She called the comment from “Fox Hollywood” a “kick in the gut.” Notice Palin didn’t criticize “Fox” or “Fox TV.” She draws a multi-million dollar salary as a commentator from the Fox News Channel.

Fox may love Sarah Palin, but reality is “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane generates BILLIONS of dollars for the network. MacFarlane’s latest contract is for $100 million. He is going to win any pissing match with Sarah Palin at Fox.


October 22, 2008

Sunday’s episode of the animated series Family Guy suggests Nazi officers would have supported the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket.