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Hank Williams Jr. is taking his Confederate flag and going home

October 7, 2011

Country music singer Hank Williams Jr. has officially been fired by ESPN and Monday Night Football. Williams, you’ll recall, had his opening theme song pulled from this week’s MNF game after he compared President Obama to Hitler during a Fox News appearance..

On his website, Hank Jr. claimed he “quit” rather than being fired. Williams said he did so because ESPN “stepped on the toes of the First Amendment Freedom of Speech” therefore “Me, My Song and All My Rowdy Friends are OUTTA HERE.”

Like most Tea Party and Fox News afficianados, Williams is an even worse Constitutional scholar than he is a singer. The First Amendment, of course, doesn’t protect your right of free speech from ESPN. It prevents the GOVERNMENT from restricting your right to free speech. ESPN is free to fire Williams for any reason it wants-because he’s fat, was drunk while representing their organization at 6:00 am or because he offended millions of people who are not from the South or watch Fox News.

Williams will now have to go back to making all his money from selling Confederate flag memorabilia off his website. Mainly since he is currently booked for ZERO appearances for the rest of 2011 or 2012 as a singer.

Still, simply being a racist and knowing nothing about The Constitution does apparently qualify Williams to be the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Tennessee. So, he’s got that going for him.


Tea Party endorses befuddled moron Hank Williams Jr. for Tennessee Senate run

October 5, 2011


Monday, country music icon Hank Williams Jr. was dropped from the Monday Night Football open on ESPN because he compared President Obama to Hitler. Tuesday, Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips begged Williams to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee.

Insanely, Phillips called for Americans to boycott watching football “until Hank Williams is brought back to sing the intro to MNF.” The Tea Party Nation call for a boycott adds the National Football League to a long list of organizations and symbols that far-right lunatics have now deemed “Un-American.” Among the pillars of American life that insane righties have bashed and boycotted include:

* Campbells Soup– In October of last year, mentally ill anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller called for a boycott of Campbell’s Soup. Apparently, the soup giant was discovered to be “secretly” manufacturing Halal soups that are permitted by Islamic law to be eaten. This was seen by disturbed righties as a secret Muslim plot. Yes, eat soup and the terrorists have won. Never mind the fact that Campbell’s is a GLOBAL corporation and that only a tiny fraction of the soups they sold were Halal. Or the fact that they also sell Kosher soup. Or that other companies like Kelloggs have been selling Halal-friendly foods for the better part of three decades. No, the company was deemed so evil that a “Boycott Campbell (sic) Soup” Facebook site drew thousands of members. Soup Nazis, indeed!

* The Girl Scouts– In the 2010 Washington state House race, it came out that failed Republican Tea Party nominee Hans Zeiger had once derided the Girl Scouts as being a “lesbian and atheist” organization. Zeiger also railed against the Girl Scouts for having a “pro-abortion, pro-homosexuals” and “feminist” agenda. Zeiger, a longtime World Net Daily favorite, made his “pro-abortion” allegation based on ONE pamphlet an Internet commentator claimed she found in the garbage can of a meeting room in Washington D.C. years ago. The woman alleged that the pamphlet mentioned the word “abortion” in it. Of course, it later came out that several groups held meetings in the same room on the same night (even if the woman is telling the truth.) Including Planned Parenthood. Zeiger makes his “lesbian” charge based on the fact that, unlike the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts allow gay members and won’t throw them out based on sexual orientation.

* The Statue of Liberty– Another Tea Party favorite, failed 2010 NewYork Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, actually went on record as being  AGAINST the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. He wasn’t down with the whole “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” thing. Paladino viewed the words as too pro-foreigner and thus anti-American. That’s right, a Tea Party guy running to be the governor of New York hates the Statue of Liberty.

* Abraham Lincoln– Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote an article in February detailing how multitudes of members of “The party of Lincoln” now hate Abraham Lincoln.

* Superman– Yup, the superhero whose motto is “Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN Way” was also boycotted by Looney Tunes righties and the Tea Party.

In his pro-Hank Williams Jr. article, (where he literally proclaims, “Run, Hank run!”), Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips also referred to the “far left leaning Disney” Corporation (owners of ESPN which televises Monday Night Football.) Phillips also called President Obama a “Disney Darling.” 

In a USA Today poll, only 27% of voters said Williams should have been suspended for his Obama/Hitler comments. The same USA Today article that ran the poll CONFIRMED that Williams is seriously considering a run for that Tennesse Senate seat.

On the other hand, it’s not like ESPN or the NFL come off looking like heroes in the Hank Junior fiasco. The pop culture hipsters of the NFL (like 92-year-old Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson) have hired Madonna to perform at the halftime show of this year’s Super Bowl. The washed up diva, of course, has TWO music videos where she superimposes images of Hitler onto Republian politicians. One of former president George W. Bush, the other of 2008 Republican presidential nominee/former totured POW, John McCain.



June 21, 2009



According to Pro Football Talk, the National Football League is bringing back country singer Hank Williams Jr. for another season of Monday Night Football. Williams was once arrested for assaulting a waitress while using the now-famous phrase, “I’m Hank Williams Jr., bitch!”

Williams is famous for his Monday Night Football theme song.