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December 30, 2009


Henry Earl is a living legend.

The 61-year-old Kentucky man has been arrested more times than anyone in recorded history. In fact, Earl has been arrested some 1,333 times. Since 1992, Earl has spent an average of 250 days a year in jail. He was arrested every 2.01 days.Yet, with all of those arrests, Earl has never committed a violent crime or stolen anything. Basically, Earl has spent over 4,000 days in jail on charges of public drunkeness. He has become such a cult hero that there are even several websites devoted to Henry Earl. He has appeared on numerous tv shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and been profiled by CNN.

Now, Earl has been immortalized for all-time. The new edition of The Guinness Book of World Records has a special category just for Henry Earl. He is officially listed as “The Worst Criminal in the World.”

Earl managed to spend a relatively quiet 2009. He is currently NOT in jail and was even sober for five months at the start of the year. However, Earl slipped off the wagon in April and still managed a double figures arrest total for the year.