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Washington Nationals infielder placed on “Paternity Leave”

April 27, 2011


What’s the difference between a good union and a bad one? Here’s an example: Tuesday, Washington Nationals infielder Ian Desmond became the 1st player in Major League Baseball history to be placed on “paternity leave.” Desmond has left the club to be with his wife, Chelsey, who is giving birth in Florida.

Desmond is actually the second MLB player to leave a team to be with a wife who is having a baby. However, Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis’ move was not announced as “paternity leave.” Yesterday was also the first time that a player was placed on the newly-created “7-day disabled list.” The list was specifically created for players with concussions. Ordinarily, players must miss a minimum of 15 days while going on the DL, however Milwaukee Brewers utilityman Erik Almonte will miss just seven days with a concussion. The diagnosis allows players to get proper medical treatment with missing an extended period of time. It also encourages players to admit to having concussions without being penalized.

Meanwhile, NFL players can’t even get medical insurance while they’re locked out.