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April 30, 2010

The Dez Bryant “Was-your-momma-a-whore?” story just won’t die.

Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland admits he asked the rookie wide receiver if his mother was a prostitute in a predraft interview. However, following calls for Ireland’s suspension or firing and accusations by the NFLPA about racial profiling, there is a new version of the Ireland/Bryant encounter making the rounds on the Internet-one that is more sympathetic to the Dolphins GM.

According to, Ireland did ask Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. However, the question came in the following context:

Ireland: What did your father do for a living?

Bryant: “My dad was a pimp.”

Ireland: “What did your mom do?”

Bryant: “She worked for my dad.”

Ireland: “Your mom was a prostitute?…”

SI claims to have “two sources familiar with the situation”which they used for the rebuttal story defending Ireland. SI also made DAMN sure they had an African-American writer (Jim Trotter) do the story entitled, “Ireland’s logical follow-up question to Bryant not worthy of outrage.”

Although SI has multiple sources for its story, since it was Ireland and Bryant in the room, we know whose version of the story is being spun in this current re-telling. Hint: It isn’t Bryant’s.

Plus, there’s still the possibility that this new Ireland version emerging is a complete lie. Bryant swears he never told the Dolphins his father was a “pimp.”


April 28, 2010


NFL front office types are out of control. They are so worried about the “character” of potential players they choose in the draft that they are rapidly losing their own.

Yahoo! Sports recently ran a story which revealed that one NFL executive actually asked rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State if his mother was a prostitute. Tuesday, Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland admitted he was the NFL exec who asked Bryant if his mother was a ho. Bryant apparently resisted the urge to punch Ireland in the face. After first trying to cover his ass, Ireland has since apologized for the incident. Some columnists are now calling for Ireland to be suspended.

For the record, Bryant’s mother was never a prostitute. Ms. Bryant says she dealt drugs in her youth and is currently a lesbian.

Bryant wasn’t the only prospective player asked a stupid question by an NFL club. Tampa Bay reportedly asked Florida State db Myron Rolle why he “abandoned” his team to pursue a Rhodes Scholarship in England.  Stanford’s Toby Gerhart was asked if he felt “entitled” because he’s a white running back.