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Jemele Hill: Fugitive from justice

March 4, 2011


ESPN sportscaster and writer Jemele Hill confirmed a report that there IS a warrant out for her arrest in East Lansing, Michigan. Hill owes $144 for an unpaid parking ticket.


December 23, 2009

jemele hill espn


It’s time somebody at least asked the question. Is ESPN racist?

For the second time, the network has apparently pulled an African-American host off its airwaves for having strong opinions and saying something “controversial.” The sports website The Big Lead is reporting that ESPN may pull writer Jemele Hill off all of her television appearances for the network. This comes following the brouhaha Hill created last Friday when she said Kentucky basketball fans would,

“cheer if Charles Manson were coaching the team, as long as he was winning.”

ESPN reportedly made Hill call Kentucky’s athletic director and apologize for her comments. Apparently that degrading experience wasn’t good enough for ESPN suits. Because of their business ties with both Kentucky and the SEC, the network would rather have a good relationship with its “broadcast partners” than its own employees.

Hill had previously been suspended by ESPN for an item she wrote on her Page 2 column for in June of 2008. In that incident, Hill wrote:

”Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim.”

The Big Lead says Hill is not in danger of being fired. However, she likely will not be allowed to continue her on-screen appearances opposite Skip Bayless on the ESPN 2 morning show First Take (formerly Cold Pizza.)

ESPN previously fired Jason Whitlock. Whitlock was another African-American host with strong opinions. He was dumped by The Worldwide Leader after criticizing diminutive, egomaniac sportswriter Mike Lupica.A bitter Whitlock called ESPN a “threat to democracy and our way of life” after he was fired.

It’s funny how ESPN has no problem with white broadcasters like Woody Paige, Skip Bayless and Jay Mariotti saying idiotic, offensive things on a daily basis with no consequences. In fact, it’s encouraged. Yet, ESPN’s three African-American hosts with actual opinions (Hill, Whitlock and Stephen A. Smith) have all been pulled off television.