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Jenn Sterger claims brunette discrimination

July 5, 2011

Poor Jenn Sterger. Her media assignments keep getting crumier and crummier. Best known as the unfortunate woman who was texted pictures of Brett Favre’s junk when she was a New York Jets sideline reporter, Sterger is now doing an internet fiasco called “The Hottie Index.” This after STARTING with her own college football column for Sports Illustrated. Sterger’s piece this week features numerous rips on ESPN and blondes. Sterger claims, “ESPN likes hot blondes more than a dog likes to sniff its own ass.”

Sterger lept to instant pop culture/lingerie model stardom in 2005 as the “FSU Cowgirl” when college football announcer Brent Musburger continuously referred to her skimpy outfit during the Florida State/Miami game. ripped Sterger’s weekly performance on “The Hottie Index” as “jealousy-filled”and referred to “the downward spiral” of her career. Ouch! One piece of good news. Sterger apparently had new breast implants reinstalled. She had her rookie breast implants removed in 2009. This despite the fact that Sterger once said in a campus speech that getting breast implants was the “best decision” of her life.


What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today


October 17, 2010

What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today

Congratulations to Milt Ahlerich. The NFL’s security chief has been chosen as the man to formally interview Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre over allegations of potential sexual harassment. Ahlerich is scheduled to sit down with Favre and interview him this Tuesday.

Rumors of Favre sexually harassing former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger have been flying since ran a story claiming to have audio of Favre’s voice mails. The story also claimed to have a photo of Favre’s penis that he sexted to Sterger.


October 8, 2010

What They're Saying About Brett Favre's Penis Today

It’s been one full day since the website rekindled the story about Brett Favre allegedly sexting photos of his penis to sideline reporter Jenn Sterger back in 2008 when they were both with the New York Jets and the fallout continues. The New York Post sent reporter Brian Costello to cover the Vikings and ask Favre about the incident (see below YouTube video.) The NFL has even been forced to say they’ll look into the alleged incident.

Deadspin also released several creepy voice mails that the married Favre apparently made hitting on Sterger. All of this takes place as the Jets and Favre’s current team, the Minnesota Vikings, prepare to face each other this week.

Even Fox News, the Minneapolis paper and Favre-loving Peter King have picked up on the story.



November 18, 2009


Famed FSU Cowgirl turned actress/model Jenn Sterger has had college football’s most famous breast implants removed. Sterger recently posted on her blog that she had the surgery in an effort to “reinvent” herself.

Last season Sterger was hired to work on New York Jets broadcasts. This season she spent the last three months “taking the time away to get to know myself again.”

In other words, she’s unemployed. Sterger had previously called her decision to get breast implants “the best decision I ever made.”