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April 2, 2010



Is disappeared union boss Jimmy Hoffa about to be dug up this summer?

For years, there have been rumors that Hoffa was buried in the west end zone of Giants Stadium in East Rutheford, New Jersey. Unlike most urban legends, we know the EXACT genesis of those rumors. In a 1989 interview with Playboy magazine, mobster “Tony the Greek” Frankos stated categorically that Hoffa was knocked off by a mafia hitman and buried in the concrete at Giants Stadium.

Authorities have always been skeptical of Frankos’ story. Now, we may find out. The Giants are moving to a new stadium. The old stadium is being turned into a parking lot. The demolition of Giants Stadium may at last uncover Hoffa’s body (or bury it further under 13 feet of asphalt and concrete.)

The Hoffa myth is so pervasive that the FBI made an official statement yesterday saying Hoffa’s body is NOT located under section 107 of Giants Stadium.

Jimmy Hoffa is rumored to be buried under the west end of Giants Stadium