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August 12, 2010



Just moments after telling a reporter to “mind your own f**ing business,” New York Mets reliever Francisco Rodriguez was hauled off the diamond following a game at Citi Field and thrown in jail for assaulting his own father-in-law. Rodriguez was charged with third deggree assault and actually suspended by the Mets who placed him on the restricted list Thursday.


jailhouse rod.jpg

The K-Rod fracas happened on the same day that Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana was accused of rape in a civil suit filed by a New York woman. She says Santana raped her on a golf course. Santana came back Thursday to shut out the Rockies.

Rodriguez and Santana make a combined $174.5 million from the Mets with pretty mediocre results. Last year, K-Rod had a 3.71 ERA for the Mets. This season, he has a respectable 2.24 ERA and 25 saves but was not an All Star. Rodriguez had an all-time record 62 saves with the Los Angeles Angels in 2008.

Santana’s record has been even more pedestrian. He is just 9-6 (also not an All Star) after winning just 13 games last year. Although his ERA is fine, Santana is far from the dominating force he was for the Minnesota Twins earlier this decade.

August 12, 2010


September 27, 2008


The struggling New York Mets kept their fading playoff hopes alive Saturday with a 2-0 win over the Florida Marlins. Whatever the final outcome of this weekends playoff races, Johan Santana did his job for the Mets.

Santana finishes the season with a slightly disappoining 16-7 record. However, he received poor offensive support from his club all season long. Santana also finishes the season with a spectacular 2.53 ERA and 206 strikeouts. Most importantly, when it REALLY counted Santana was a MAN for the Mets. He threw a career high 125 pitches in Tuesday’s victory then came back on just three days rest to shut out the Marlins. That gives him five wins in September.

General manager Omar Minaya recently got a four year contract extension from the Mets. Acquiring Santana, it could be argued, would be the sole reason Minaya has a job.


Meanwhile, the opposite is true across town where New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman really blew it by not going after either Santana or Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia. (Damn it, you’re the Yankees-how about BOTH.)

Now would be a pretty opportune time to point out exactly how incredibly STUPID it was for the Yankees to pin all of their playoff hopes on young pitchers Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. Despite the mantra of “building from within” and the baseball buzzword this year being “prospects,” Cashman should go down is history for his stupidity.

I haven’t heard this mentioned much by baseball “experts” but Hughes and Kennedy combined for exactly ZERO wins this season. That’s four less than freakin’ Carl Pavano. COMBINED. Not just poor, but HORRIFIC, inept pitching by Hughes and Kennedy at the bottom of the Yankees rotation is the sole and only reason the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons. They choked. Neither could handle the pressure of pitching in New York. It’s doubtful they ever will. Hughes is 0-4 with a 6.62 ERA. Kennedy is 0-4 8.17.

Worse, it’s indisputable that the Yankees could have packaged Kennedy, minor league pitcher Jeff Marquez and the garbage “prospects” they foisted off on Pittsburgh to acquire Santana from the Minnesota Twins (and still hung onto Hughes.) I guess it was more important to get Xavier Nady. Instead the Yankees deemed both Kennedy and Marquez “untouchable.” History will reveal that as a bit of a stretch. Kennedy is such a failure he may never win another big league game the rest of his life. Meanwhile Marquez was so awful, he didn’t even get called up in September with 40 roster spaces available. The Yankees failed to pull the trigger on Santana in order to cling to two “prospects” who may combine for zero wins in their careers. Nice move.



Cashman was universally lauded by pundits and the media for hanging onto Yankee minor leaguers. In reality, his decision not to get big-time pitching was one of the biggest jokes in baseball history. After decades of overspending on free agents the concept of fiscal responsibility and “keeping payroll down” is beyond insulting by the New York Yankees.

The year before the team is scheduled to move into a new BILLION dollar stadium (funded by taxpayer money in incredibly tough economic times), is not the year to find fiscal Jesus. Not from the team that invented the $200 million payroll and pays $30 million a year to ONE third baseman.

What’s even more hilarious is that the Yankees decision to go cheap benefitted ALL of their chief rivals. The Red Sox are in the postseason again. Joe Torre, whom the Yankees idiotically let go, is also going to the playoffs with the L.A. Dodgers. Hell, even the Mets may make the postseason party.

Junior Steninbrenner can whine all he wants about division formats for the playoffs. New York is a bottom line town and the BOTTOM line is Torre is in the postseason. The Yankees are not and you can blame Cashman, Hughes and Kennedy.

Just imagine the following picture with Santana in a YANKEES uniform instead: