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October 31, 2009



Since appearing on Season Six of the UFC reality tv show “The Ultimate Fighter,” Jon Koppenhaver has certainly had an eventful life. He formally changed his name to War Machine, was arrested for brawling  in a Las Vegas gay club, and got in trouble for posting on MySpace that he hopes President Obama “gets smoked.”

Now, since “all I enjoy doing is eating, sleeping, fighting and f**ing,” the MMA fighter is branching out. According to Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Sports, War Machine is becoming a porn star. The fighter made the announcement on his MySpace page.

Tragically, YouTube has removed the video of War Machine getting his butt waxed for his first porn shoot, but he DID profess his love of women in an April interview with In addition to saying his hobby was “terrorizing chicks,” War Machine said:

“Girls are so shallow, and so stupid, and so evil, that just because now that they think you’re important, now they WANT you to terrorize them.”