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“Relapsing” Josh Hamilton apparently had anonymous sex in a restaurant bathroom stall

February 11, 2012


Poor Mrs. Josh Hamilton. She has stuck by her husband, Texas Rangers outfielder and former AL MVP Josh Hamilton, through years of his addictions to alcohol, crack and heroin. Now, she’ being publicly humiliated. Again.

Hamilton’s feel-good story of overcoming addiction (mostly) has been well chronicled by the national media. Particularly since he has played in the national spotlight during each of the last two seasons in the World Series. However, Hamilton has had two very public and very humiliating relapses. The first came in 2009 when Hamilton was photographed doing shots and licking whipped cream off a girl’s breasts in a bar. Hamilton’s latest drunken fiasco occured January 30th.

Although Hamilton has publicly admitted indiscretions and even addressed the second matter with a press conference, he didn’t provide any details about the incident. Don’t worry, the website has. Deadspin, which was not able to ruin Hamilton’s marriage with their 2009 photos, has a posting that will probably torch the Hamilton’s relationship. The story tells about Hamilton having anonymous sex with a woman who was a complete stranger. The sex allegedly occured in the restaurant’s mens room following a rousing bout of karaoke.

Deadspin also reported on a rumor that somebody tried to sell a Dallas tv station a camera phone “sex tape” of the encounter.


August 8, 2009


The website posted a series of embarrassing photos of Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton today. Hamilton is a recovering addict and alcoholic. The pictures show a shirtless Hamilton in an Arizona bar with a variety of young women in various forms of undress doing shots off Hamilton while licking whipped cream off his body.

Hamilton conducted a presser before today’s Rangers game to address the photographs. He says he “slipped up” in his recovery this January and admits to being “human.” Hamilton is one of the most popular players in baseball. His story of overcoming addiction and finding religion has been well documented.

Once again, the website Can’t Stop the Bleeding has the top headline on the subject. Their take?

“Last January, Josh Hamilton picked the wrong week to quit heroin whipped cream”