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UFC fighter Anderson Silva dancing with Justin Bieber

October 6, 2011


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Justin Bieber wearing womens jeans

September 14, 2011

British tabloid shows photo of Selena Gomez walk of shame

June 6, 2011

She’s already received death threats from hordes of pre-teen girls simply for being pop sensation Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. (Get over it ladies, like YOU had a chance.) Now, 18-year-old Disney Channel actress Selena Gomez has been photographed taking the “walk of shame” from a house in Canada where Bieber was staying. Gomez was caught wearing the same clothes this morning as the previous evening after spending the entire night with Bieber.

Good thing Dimebag Darrell wasn’t alive to see this-Justin Bieber remakes Pantera song

March 4, 2011


From Riffer Madness to Fever


February 20, 2011

Throughout the history of the media, major stars and their representatives have often threatened and cowtowed entertainment tv shows, newspapers and celeb magazines into killiing stories that make them look bad. It has kept many of the most lurid secrets of Hollywood legends from ever coming to light and the the public’s eye. Big time agencies simply inform media outlets that if they run a negative story about their client they will simply deny that organization access to ALL of their clients forever. It works every time.

However, it had never worked on ’60s legendary anti-establishment magazine Rolling Stone before. That is until this week. Rolling Stone published a cover story on teenybop pop star sensation Justin Bieber. The article could have been career-ending for a star of lesser magnitude. In the article, Bieber manages to offend every American on the left and the right. When asked if he’d ever become an American citizen, Bieber responded no and extrapolated, “You guys are evil!” He then whent on a rant about health care in Canada, an opinion sure to piss off everyone on the right.

Bieber didn’t stop there. He then offended every left-winger by saying, “It’s like killing a baby.” Even is cases of rape? Yup, the Bieb responded, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Now, these comments would have been enough to kill many a career. Instead, hardly anyone has noticed. Sure, the Boston Herald penned a piece entitled “Justin Bieber Sounds Like an Idiot,” and the women on The View went nuts. It also led Focus on the Family to call on its memebers to pray for Justin Bieber’s “purity” but the Canadian pop star has emerged relatvely unscathed. Of course, Bieber’s hordes of tween fans couldn’t care less. He was just named the MVP of the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game by online voting. Not surprising since he has 7 million Twitter followers.

Bieber has been largely unaffected because Rolling Stone went back and SCRUBBED the interview online. They revised the most damaging quotes to give them “in their full” and completely REMOVED the “killing a baby” quote.

Hunter S.Thompson is rolling in his grave.



February 5, 2011


Pop star Justin Bieber was booed mercilessly at a New York Knicks game, Thursday. Even as the men in the crowd were booing, a young girl seated next to Bieber was hysterically crying Beatles-style, overwhelmed at a chance to see the teen sensation. There were also reports that Bieber himself cried when he left the Knicks game.



December 31, 2010

Justin Bieber Tiger Beat Magazine May 2010 Cover Photo - United States

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely in favor of people NOT buying Justin Bieber albums and CDs but…

The people who oppose a “Ground Zero Mosque” have added teen pop sensation Justin Bieber to the list of celebrities that they are boycotting. One group has even highlighted Bieber on its celebrity boycott page on Facebook.

How has Bieber incurred the wrath of the anti-Muslim groups? The Canadian singer apparently blasted American “intolerance” in an interview with Tiger Beat magazine and came out in favor of a Ground Zero Mosque. One appalled construction worker, who is opposed to the Park51 project in New York, even gave a tv interview where he described how his young children ripped their Justin Bieber posters off the wall and tore them to pieces.

Given that Bieber is a pre-packaged selling machine who has no opinions or deep thoughts on ANYTHING, a skeptical writer at named Justin Elliott decided to actually track down the offending Tiger Beat article. It turns out there’s no such interview. There IS a fake Bieber interview on the parody website

There’s no doubt that America would be a better country if people bought less Justin Bieber records. However, NOT for this reason. Bieber is being targeted for something he never said. The quotes are from a PARODY site. Tiger Beat has even confirmed that Bieber never gave them an interview regarding a Mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero location.


August 17, 2010



August 3, 2010



Just kill me. This is the second Justin Bieber post in two days.

The International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum has decided to induct one celebrity this year. No, it’s not anyone you’d expect like Jeff Bridges of “The Big Lebowski” fame:

Nor even Bill Murray who once made the bowling movie “Kingpen”

Nope, the top two vote getters in this year’s online voting are teen idols Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. (Maybe it was the tie in with OK! Magazine.)

You know who DIDN’T  fare well in the online voting? The poll’s African-American celebrities. NBA players Dwight Howard and Chris Paul were crushed by Bieber and Swift. Justin Bieber received 600,738 votes. Chris Paul? Just 577 total votes.



August 2, 2010

Justin Bieber's illustrated memoir will contain never-before-seen photos of the teen pop star.


Good news. Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has found a publisher for his “memoirs.”

Consider for a second that Bieber is writing an all-encompassing life story at the age of 16. Also consider that it’s being picked up by a MAJOR publishing house-HarperCollins. Why?

No less an authority than Publishers Weekly proclaimed the Bieber bio is “going to sell a million-billion copies.”