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September 2, 2010

Screen grab courtesy of NFL Network

Miami Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford is the laughing stock of the National Football League today. Langford became the butt of jokes after losing a $50,000 diamond earring at Dolphins practice Wednesday. Even teammates bemoaned the loss of Lankford’s “fat diamond.”

Unlucky: Kendall Langford - sporting an earring that may have been the one he lost


Langford forgetting to take his 2.5 carat diamond out of his ear before practice has made him an international joke. British tabloids and Sky News prominantly featured Lankford’s fat ass searching the grass for his diamond.

Extra training: A player practices his flexibility as he nearly touches his toes while searching

Can YOU spot the diamond? Players get right on to their hands and knees to search for the missing jewellery

Find my bling: Combing the astro-turf with rakes, two Miami Dolphins search in vain for the 2.5carat earring