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November 27, 2010



Think of the biggest goats and chokers in sports history. Bill Buckner, Steve Bartman, Chris Webber, Scott Norwood. Although each of these men changed the sports world with their ineptness, none of them actually screwed up TWICE in their historic moments of sports shame.

Meet Boise State University kicker Kyle Brotzman.

Brotzman single-handedly cost Boise State their chance at a national championship, a BCS Bowl appearance, an undefeated season or even a WAC championship. Brotzman, who had missed just three kicks all season, missed two incredibly short field goals within two minutes. Brotzman’s misses resulted in a 34-31 overtime win for the University of Nevada over the Broncos.

BSU was undefeated and ranked #3 in the human polls and fourth by the BCS. A win over nationally-ranked Nevada would have probably vaulted Boise State past TCU and into a major BCS game, like the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, now we’ll never know. SOLELY because Brotzman put himself in sports history as arguably THE biggest choker ever.

Boise State actually led the game 17-0 and 24-7. However, Nevada stormed back in the second half and tied the game at 31-31 with just nine seconds left. At that point, Boise State quarterback/Heisman Trophy candidate Kellen Moore made what might have been the greatest play of his stellar career. Moore heaved a hail mary pass downfield which was caught by receiver Titus Young. Young not only hauled in the catch, but had the presence of mind to call timeout with just one second left (later changed to two seconds.) Brotzman then trotted on the field for a 26-yard game-winning field goal. Make that a POTENTIAL 26-yard game-winning field goal. Brotzman missed, pushing the kick to the right.

Ordinarily, that alone would have been enough to place Brotzman in the sports Hall of Shame but he wasn’t through for the evening. Brotzman missed another short kick in overtime, this time from just 29 yards. The second miss was too much for Boise State to overcome. Nevada kicker Anthony Martinez kicked a 34-yarder to put BSU into their misery and win the game for the Wolfpack.

Brotzman’s performance was so shameful that Tim Dahlberg’s original AP game recap article redacted his name. Within minutes of the Boise State loss, the Internet chatrooms and Facebook were filled with hate directed at Brotzman. There are even now Kyle Brotzman jokes. Example:

“Hey, did you hear Kyle Brotzman was so upset after tonight’s game that he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself?” “Yeah, but he missed kicking the chair out from under him.”

There were also no less than six faux Facebook sites set up making fun of Brotzman including:

“Kyle Brotzman Sucks” (465 likes) and

“Kyle Brotzman Sucks at Life and Clutch Kicks”

Ironically, on his own Facebook page, Kyle Brotzman lists “Reno 911!” as his favorite tv show, Seriously.

With Brotzman’s epic failure, BSU now faces a postseason not of a BCS Championship Game or Rose Bowl berth but staying at home and playing in the Humanitarian Bowl. Forget the “we-win-as-a-team-we-lose-as-a-team”platitudes. Brotzman’s missed kicks literally cost his school MILLIONS of dollars as well as a possible BCS title shot. The payout for the Rose Bowl is $18 million. The Humanitarian Bowl? $750,000.

Finally, there’s a disturbing trend by some to let Brotzman off the hook. After all, the reasoning goes, “He’s just a 21-year-old kid.” Bullshit. Nobody ever said Chris Webber was “just a kid.” Need I point out the only obvious difference?


The same day as his shankfest, Brotzman was named “WAC Player of the Week.” Brotzman is Boise State’s all-time leading scorer. Depending on what he does against Utah State and whatever crap bowl game the Broncos slink into, he may end up the all-time leading scorer in NCAA HISTORY. If he gets to accept the accolades, Brotzman also gets the criticism too.