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January 12, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding.

This morning on the ESPN2 morning show “First Take,” The Two Live Stews and Skip Bayless were snidely bashing Bob Costas for his MLB Network interview with Mark McGwire. Somehow, they didn’t feel that Costas was tough enough on the former A’s and Cardinals home run hitter over his admitted steroid use. Ryan Stewart even implied that Costas was somehow complicit in McGwire’s steroid use because he never reported on it during the first baseman’s career.

Using that standard, NOBODY in the history of sports has been more complicit in covering up drug use during “The Steroids Era” than ESPN. During 15 plus years of  employing baseball “insiders” and former players, and doing daily baseball shows and newscasts, ESPN never once addressed the topic of steroids and PEDs.

The only reason that McGwire was even talking to Costas to “break” the news that he had done steroids was that ESPN and Peter Gammons had done such a horrific job of botching the Alex Rodriguez steroid interview/confession last spring. McGwire is an IMG client and they reportedly wanted “somebody smart” to do McGwire’s first on-camera steroid interview. That pretty much eliminated everybody at ESPN.

Also on Tuesday’s “First Take,” Jay Crawford was bulldozed by Congressman Mark Souder. Crawford was softballing Souder, who was on the 2005 congressional committee that held the hearings on steroid use in baseball when the congressman went off on what a liar and scumbag McGwire is. A clearly uncomfortable Crawford toed the company line as an MLB “broadcast partner” and stumbled through a shortened conversation. He clearly let Souder go early. Awkward.